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RackBank® DataCenters is Tier-III Green Data Center- Central India's 1st data center located in Indore, India. Founded in 2013, we support businesses with our premium data center services that includes managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting services and colocation services. Our strategic location enables minimal latency all over India. We have redundant network and power backup systems with an uptime of 99.98%.  We serve clients globally in a wide array of industries such as real estate, media & video streaming firms, IT infrastructure companies, bulk messaging industry and others catering to their Internet infrastructure needs.

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How To Choose Best Dedicated Server Host In India
by RackBank Datacenters - 2016-01-22 01:39:28 in Choose your Host

A dedicated server is a model prepared to serve only one company. Known to be highly reliable, secure and faster, these servers are fairly common with huge sites and high user traffic. With most of the controls in your hand, one is guaranteed to have stable high performance in this model


Dedicated Or Cloud Server? What To Choose?
by RackBank Datacenters - 2016-01-05 03:37:48 in Choose your Host

So, to decide which server would better for you, you’ll need to keep above important features in mind that cater to your needs. Hence, it depends on your usage, requirements and your work.


Dedicated Server Hosting V/s Shared Server Hosting: Know The Difference
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-12-04 04:57:55 in Choose your Host

No wonder a dedicated server offers more control than shared hosting model, you need to equally make sure that you have the resources and manpower to have an effective utilization of this control. Also, the kind of hosting you may want to choose will depend on your budget, server requirements and website needs. The decision has to be well thought through!


Top 5 Advantages Of A High-Performance Dedicated Server
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-11-23 01:36:42 in General Information

The marketplace of hosting providers is populated with me too products, and there is little differentiation in their positioning. Search for ‘Dedicated Servers’ on Google and you will see a series of ads along with the top organically ranked domains. A little research into the top links points towards a gap between the benefits customers are looking for and the features these sites talk about.


Dedicated Server Hosting VS Colocation Server Hosting: Which Is Better?
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-11-18 01:25:17 in Choose your Host

Before I start telling you the difference between dedicated server hosting and colocation server hosting, I want that you should be familiar with the terms dedicated & Colocation hosting.


Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting Fundamentals
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-11-12 04:20:34 in Basics

Dedicated servers are rather complex solution which needs some time before you can adapt to it. The basic step is to understand why to go for this server and what advantages does it provide over other servers. In order to do first you need to get familiar with the technical terms that will come up once you are running it.


Internet Of Things (IoT) - Its Growing Impact On Data Centers
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-11-06 01:39:37 in General Information

As Internet of Things has made an evolutionary leap from ‘Internet of Things’ to getting its new name as ‘Internet of Everything’, it has come a long way and still continues to be one of the major driver in taking technology industry forward. So as we see IoT playing a big role, the massive amount of data bits will keep gushing through datacenter creating ample opportunities for data center industry to play even a bigger role.


Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-10-13 06:06:58 in Choose your Host

A dedicated server is one where there is only one computer in a network which is reserved to serve the needs of the network.


How Effective Data Center Solutions Can Add Value to Your Business
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-10-08 08:04:35 in Choose your Host

There are a lot of services that take similar amount of investment but have smaller impacts compared to user centric data. We will discuss here some of the business applications’ companies that can achieve more efficiency using various data center.


Why Dedicated Servers Are Known As Smart Investment And Technology Management Move
by RackBank Datacenters - 2015-09-24 02:53:17 in Choose your Host

Dedicated server thus happens to be a new-age investment that helps you instantly scale up your resources to handle workload spikes and evolving demands. The deployment is as easy as installing a WordPress site. Needless to say, embracing the dedicated servers will have a long lasting impact on your businesses to generate long-term ROI with amplified business performance.