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Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Available As A Service.
by Priti Shetti - 2017-11-17

With IoT getting popularized and more organizations looking to use IoT deployment up and running rapidly. Many companies have started offering IoT as a service. Let’s discuss this further in ...

Why Is WordPress The Go-To Platform For E-Commerce Stores?
by Editor - 2017-11-08

WordPress now supplies the foundation to more than 75,000,000 websites across the globe, making it the most popular CMS (Content Management System) out there. WordPress was once a blogging platform...

How To Find The Best Windows VPS Server Hosting Plans
by Dylan Levy - 2017-11-01

You need a provider that offers you a high degree of scalability. This means you should be able to get extra resources as and when you require these. So, if you need more RAM or bandwidth or proces...

Pushing Your Business Forward: How To Adapt When Using Big Data Is No Longer An Effective Strategy
by Lizzie Weakley - 2017-10-25

There are different reasons why companies choose to spend millions on big data as well as big data related market research. While big data might be an effective strategy, it's important not to igno...

What Do Web Hosting Providers Do To Secure Your Website?
by Editor - 2017-10-24

Web hosting providers are a continuous target for hackers to deploy their strategies on because hackers know that as soon as they gain access to a web hosting service, they can undertake plenty of ...

5 Things To Consider Before Partnering With A Web Host For Your E-Commerce Store
by Editor - 2017-10-20

Choosing a web host for your e-commerce store is a tricky process. After all, there are now thousands of web hosts to choose from and they all claim to be able to offer the number one service.


Why Websites Need A Web Hosting Service That Offers Good Protection
by Josh Althauser - 2017-10-16

Websites are used for many things. It can be for online businesses, travel, destination, educational, banking, or just a personal blog. Whatever type it is, having a good security level is an essen...

C Programming Reserved Keywords And Their Features
by Charles Dearing - 2017-10-13

In C programming, there are certain words that are used as variables or functions. These are known as reserved keywords and, just as the name implies, are just used for reserve. Each keyword has it...

Uptime And What It Means To The Success Of Your Website
by James Cummings - 2017-10-11

Uptime refers to how long the server that’s hosting your website stays up and running. Uptime is commonly listed and graded in percentages. For example, anything below 90% is considered as po...

7 Signs It's Time To Change Your Website Hosting
by SarahSmith - 2017-10-10

After all the time you spend creating your website to attract your audience and expand your site, you may not realize the importance of choosing the best web hosting platform to use. Naturally, mos...

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