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4 Reasons To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting
by Gary Wilkinson - 2019-10-14 in Choose your Host

WordPress is the most highly utilized CMS available on the market. In fact, 30% of sites on the internet are built on WordPress....

Things To Consider Before You Choose A Web Hosting Service
by Saurabh Sharma - 2019-09-17 in Choose your Host

Downtime is just not acceptable for your website. This is because your website is the 24/7 business card for your clients across the globe. If your website goes down, the business suffers and you lose...

How Enterprise Hosting Can Be A Great Help To Your Business
by Lunna Walker - 2019-08-20 in Choose your Host

Now, finding a commercial host for QuickBooks Enterprise desktop can be a tedious task. However, Quickbooks Enterprise desktop has more to it than just being an accounting software....

Web Hosting Options For Ecommerce Startups
by James Cummings - 2019-07-01 in Choose your Host

The e-commerce industry is a billion-dollar industry growing at the rate of 8-12% annually. A number of small businesses and entrepreneurs are tapping into the vast opportunities of e-stores....

5 Strong Reasons To Avoid Free Web Hosting
by Liza Kosh - 2019-05-23 in Choose your Host

Still striving with the low conversion and traffic rate on your website? Well, you never know your free hosting is the real culprit behind this!...

5 Tips For A Student To Find Affordable And High-Quality Hosting Providers
by Joey Feldman - 2019-05-14 in Choose your Host

Finding a good host can be a challenge. There are free hosts, which come with strings attached. Paid hosts can be expensive. As a student, it is important to assess your site's needs before shopping f...

Why Avoid Free Web Hosting? Essential Hosting Components To Look For
by Sujain Thomas - 2019-04-19 in Choose your Host

On looking online, you will find a handful of free web hosting providers out there to host your website. If you are a baseline blogger or has an information-sharing site, then going for a free hosting...

Is It Worth Paying For Unlimited Hosting For Your Website?
by Dhaval Thakkar - 2019-02-26 in Choose your Host

Most of the big hosting companies offers Unlimited hosting plans for shared hosting users. Have you ever thought do you really need it? How much your website actually need disk space and bandwidth?...

5 Best Hosting Sites For 2019 – Trusted By Millions Users
by Alex Brian - 2019-02-25 in Choose your Host

Whether you are a blogger, an individual who is offering a certain service or an owner of a large business setup, read on to find the best web hosts for your site. It is essential for a website's perf...

5 Specialized Features You Need To Look For In Your Hosting Provider
by Ashley Rosa Ashley Rosa - 2019-01-30 in Choose your Host

Choosing a quality web hosting company should be a priority of every business. After all, the world is going digital. Unless you have a robust online presence, you are going to miss out on hundreds of...

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