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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Managed Hosting
by Manoj Rawat - 2020-06-17 in Choose your Host

While deciding on a managed web hosting for your business you should make sure that you take the time to find a dependable web hosting firm that has been operational for quite some time....

Picking A Host For Your Small Business Website
by Tobias Foster - 2020-05-18 in Choose your Host

Picking a host for your small business website is like choosing a place to live - you want to find an ideal home without exceeding the budget. Although it sounds relatively simple, the task is actuall...

Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2020
by Mart Hosting - 2020-05-04 in Choose your Host

Want to start your own site? Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog. Starting a website has never been easier than it is today and finding a good web hosting advice can take a lot o...

What To Look For In A Good Host
by Joma Kleen - 2020-03-19 in Choose your Host

We've been doing a lot of research lately on different hosting companies. There's a ton of them and it's a huge industry, but it's definitely just a few of the really big hosts that have most of the m...

Web Hosting Vs. Word Press Hosting- Which One Is Good
by Amanda Jerelyn - 2020-02-04 in Choose your Host

It is undoubtedly a difficult choice when it comes to choosing between the web hosting plans for a particular project. It gets very confusing very quickly as plan features don’t line up, termino...

VPS VS. CPANEL Hosts – Which Options Is Better
by Kosta Kondratenko - 2019-11-08 in Choose your Host

When it comes to hosting your site – the only real option that has been out there for web developers (outside of putting up a server in your house) – is to go to a cPanel host....

4 Reasons To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting
by Gary Wilkinson - 2019-10-14 in Choose your Host

WordPress is the most highly utilized CMS available on the market. In fact, 30% of sites on the internet are built on WordPress....

Things To Consider Before You Choose A Web Hosting Service
by Saurabh Sharma - 2019-09-17 in Choose your Host

Downtime is just not acceptable for your website. This is because your website is the 24/7 business card for your clients across the globe. If your website goes down, the business suffers and you lose...

How Enterprise Hosting Can Be A Great Help To Your Business
by Lunna Walker - 2019-08-20 in Choose your Host

Now, finding a commercial host for QuickBooks Enterprise desktop can be a tedious task. However, Quickbooks Enterprise desktop has more to it than just being an accounting software....

Web Hosting Options For Ecommerce Startups
by James Cummings - 2019-07-01 in Choose your Host

The e-commerce industry is a billion-dollar industry growing at the rate of 8-12% annually. A number of small businesses and entrepreneurs are tapping into the vast opportunities of e-stores....

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