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Flywheel Launches Enterprise-Scale Medical Imaging Solution For Life Sciences


Flywheel, a leading research data platform designed for the academic, clinical and life science communities, announced today its launch of Flywheel fo ...

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EMazzanti Shares The New Normal COVID-19 Office Security


A NYC area IT security consultant and Cloud services provider discusses the new normal COVID-19 office security in a new article on the eMazzanti Tech ...

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Cyber Security Cloud Managed Rules For AWS WAF Now Have More Than 1000 Subscribers Worldwide


The global cybersecurity market size is forecasted to grow to 248.26 billion U.S. dollars *2 by 2023, more than 25 times the 9.73 billion U.S. dollars ...

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Strengthening Your IT Security Against Cyber Threats


In the new guide from IT solutions and services provider, Softcat, in-house cyber security experts explain what it takes to enhance cyber security in...

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Datasoft Networks

we are using datasoft network servers from 6 years ,provide 24/7 support

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I wish I could rate LVPSHosting higher than 5 stars. I have tried at least 10 different fully managed hosting services, all of them rec...

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The best Hosting site ive ever used. They really are Swissns web host. I was left in the lurch by another hosting supplier and had to a...

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In a year and a half 1 simple in agreement with us. I think a very good indicator. Safety, availability, reliability. Price = quality, ...

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The Ultimate WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping Guide

by Catherrine Garcia on 2020-06-04

Managing multiple sites as limbs of a single network has become a hassle free and facile process with WordPress Multisite. However, using custom domai ...

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Email Security – Top 5 Recommendations To Secure Your Communication

byLumena Mukherjee on 2020-06-03

Given the recent spike of 667% in email-based spear-phishing attacks in March this year, we take a look at a few simple recommendations to secure our...

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How The IoT Will Power VoIP In The Future

byMilica Kostic on 2020-06-02

With IoT as a mighty power that will enable future smart cities, homes, offices, and agriculture - to name a few, VoIP technology will also advance an ...

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Website Launch Checklist - 9 Important Steps To Take

byAndi Croft on 2020-06-01

The final countdown begins! The website which you have designed so meticulously, keeping in mind all the important factors of your target audience, is ...

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