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Worldwide Spending On Industry Cloud By Financial Firms Set To Grow By 24% In 2018, According To IDC


Worldwide spending on industry cloud in the finance industry (banking, insurance, and securities and investment services combined) is expected to reac ...

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Limelight Networks Issues Guidance For 2018


Limelight Networks, Inc., a global leader in digital content delivery, today issued the following guidance for full year of 2018. ...

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Red Hat Adds Common Criteria Security Certification For Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, the world’s leading ent ...

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Alibaba Cloud Becomes The First Cloud Computing Company To Obtain C5 Attestation With Additional Requirements


Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the Alibaba Group, announced today that it had completed its assessment for the Cloud Computing Compliance C ...

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I really value the ability to phone Hostwinds when I have a problem.They are always quick to resolve the issue and I am happy with the ...

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Sagar assisted on my query so perfectly and clearly with screenshots. I loved the way he guided me through the exact tabs that cleared ...

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I pay alot of money in different web hosting companies and they never provide me a good service or good server uptime. I jummed in kalh...

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Bangalore is presumed for plenty of reasons in addition to the IT segment in the field like Manufacturing, Electronics, and Biotechnolo...

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Latest Blog Posts

Boost Up Your Small Business With QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Solutions

by Janet Waston on 2017-12-14

The newly started businesses who aren’t acknowledged with recent innovations & trends often gets behind in the race of business growth and n ...

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What Can Small Businesses Learn From Domain Name Trends In 2017

byJames Cummings on 2017-12-13

Unlike a website logo or design, changing a business domain name isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Which makes it essential for entrepreneur ...

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Why Companies Should Use Cloud Computing In Their Operations

byAndrew Stevenson on 2017-12-12

The survival of businesses relies heavily on technology. Most businesses were phased out in the past for neglecting technology. ...

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Why You Need To Consider Using VPN

byCharlie Brown on 2017-12-10

VPN technology was developed to address the issue of security, especially in regards to the need to send encrypted date over networks. Along with the...

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