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Why Avoid Free Web Hosting? Essential Hosting Components To Look For
by Sujain Thomas - 2019-04-19 in Choose your Host

On looking online, you will find a handful of free web hosting providers out there to host your website. If you are a baseline blogger or has an information-sharing site, then going for a free hosting...

6 Underlying Benefits Of Ruby On Rails For Web Development
by Code Wilson - 2019-04-18 in General Information

Ruby on Rails, or essentially 'Rails,' was created in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson, in light of the Ruby programming language. This is a software tool unit for the development of sites and applica...

Start Your New Business With The Help Of The Latest Technology
by Editor - 2019-04-17 in General Information

When you’re starting a business think of technology as your best friend. There are so many different ways you can use it to your advantage, and it allows small and medium-sized enterprises to co...

How Blockchain Impacts The Ecommerce Trades
by Melissa Crooks - 2019-04-15 in e-commerce

Ecommerce has also greatly benefitted by the reduction of all the middlemen that they had to contend with. Blockchain technology has certainly resulted in a much more simplified form of ecommerce tran...

How Important Is Web Design To Ecommerce Success?
by Chans Weber - 2019-04-12 in e-commerce

It’s easy to assume that substance will always trump style; that the benefits a website provides will outweigh any aesthetic deficiencies it may possess...

Does Domain Age Affect SEO Performance?
by Chans Weber - 2019-04-12 in Domain Names

A business’s website is, arguably, its most valuable asset. Given that fact, it’s no surprise that ambitious professionals value any slight advantage they can gain in regard to search engi...

4 Factors To Consider Before Launching An Ecommerce Store
by Chans Weber - 2019-04-12 in e-commerce

The writing has been on the wall for a while now: businesses that can make sales online hold a significant advantage over their competitors that can’t. Indeed, ecommerce stores have become commo...

Why Your Business Needs To Use The Cloud
by Editor - 2019-04-11 in Cloud Computing

You may have heard developing over the last half-decade a certain reverence for cloud computing. Computing on the cloud is a revolution in how computer networks interact with each other – and wh...

Adding A Custom DNS Record And Creating Backup Of Website In Windows Plesk
by Jessica Robert - 2019-04-10 in Technical Support

Today if you are using a custom name server for your website then it allows you to run your own name server where it will help to respond to DNS requests for your domains....

Know Everything About Web Hosting
by Daniel C - 2019-04-09 in Basics

In the advent of digitized files, there has been a lot of technology that branched out from it and has successfully upgraded a technological lifestyle that the generation continues to enjoy. One of th...

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