Dedicated Server Hosting VS Colocation Server Hosting: Which Is Better?

2015-11-18 by RackBank Datacenters

Before I start telling you the difference between dedicated server hosting and colocation server hosting, I want that you should be familiar with the terms dedicated & Colocation hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting: in a dedicated server there is only one machine in a network and it is looked after by a hosting company. It is adjustable as it allows us to settle on the workings like hardware, operating system and others.

Colocation Server Hosting:  collocation basically allows to put your machine on someone else’s rack and then the bandwidth is shared as their own.

I will now list the advantages and the disadvantages of colocation server hosting. Lets first start with the advantages:

1)    More speed as it provides more bandwidth

2)    You get the advantage to choose the server machines’ hardware and software

3)    Prospect and choice to any software an application

4)    Complete power over the processes and users in the system

5)    You get round the clock technical and service support

6)    There is a boost in flexibility

7)    Scalability

8)    Assurance of dependable power capacity that can wholly put up and server your computing needs

9)    Laying-off service and reliability, certifying a high uptime guarantee

These were some of the advantages of colocation servers hosting. Now I will tell you the disadvantages of colocation server hosting.

1)    Complexity of finding physical available colo centers.

2)    It can be more costly than dedicated hosting specially the high specially the high early cost of equipment management

3)    Variation in monthly bills makes accounts difficult.


Now I will list the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated hosting. I will first start with the advantages

1)    You are guaranteed of a top quality server performance since you do not split the system resource like processor power, disk space and memory with any other subscriber using the facility

2)    Custom configuration of server suited to your requirements

3)    Custom firewall is provided for better security

4)    A unique IP address is provided to you

5)    The risk of the server going down is very low since you do not share your server with anyone else

These were some of the advantages of dedicated server hosting. Since there are good and bad sides of everything, I will now list the disadvantages of dedicated hosting

1)    Dedicated server is not cost efficient, it comes with a hefty monthly cost of operation

2)    You need a proper staff to run the server


I have now pointed out both the advantages and disadvantages for both dedicated server hosting and colocation hosting therefore choosing which is better will depend entirely upon you and your requirements, due to which I cannot be the judge of what is best for you.


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