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How To Optimize Your Website For Google’s Mobile-First Index
by Ravi Kumar - 2020-09-24 in Marketing

If you wish to learn the best techniques on how to optimize your website for Google’s Mobile-First Index, these are a few simple tips....

Top 10 Benefits Of Employee Monitoring Software
by Travelize Travelize - 2020-09-23 in General Information

Now a day employee tracking became essential for every organization to keep the track of your day-to-day sales employees. It’s very important to check the employee is spending time on work or no...

Business Intelligence: A Guide On Everything You Need To Know
by Hir Infotech - 2020-09-21 in General Information

Business Intelligence(BI) is a set of methods, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into important information that drives valuable #business actions. It is a suite of #software and...

6 Reasons You Should Monitor Your Website Regularly
by Andi Croft - 2020-09-18 in General Information

Nowadays, many companies have their websites. Some have an in-house team who are working on it, while some prefer to outsource their IT needs....

Prime Mobile App UI/UX Designs Trending In 2020
by AnvikaSharma - 2020-09-17 in General Information

The UI design, an integral part of the journey of mobile application development, is a whole different concept in itself. For any mobile app development company, UI design is considered of great impor...

Data As A Service (Daas): Definition, Benefits, Challenges & Its Future
by Hir Infotech - 2020-09-16 in General Information

As more and more organizations turn to the cloud to modernize their infrastructure and workloads, #data as a service, or DaaS, is becoming an increasingly popular solution for data integration, manage...

Tech Tips To Incorporate Into Your Business
by Maggie Bloom - 2020-09-15 in General Information

Making sure that your business data is secure and that you are using proper software is important in the digital age. You need to make sure you are utilizing all the resources you have when it comes t...

6 Hosting Tips You Should Look Out Before You Pay Up
by Juliette Anderson - 2020-09-14 in Choose your Host

Almost every business has a website these days. Thus, if you want your business to thrive, you need to always look for ways how people can find it....

The Best Robotic Process Automation Tools In 2020
by Hir Infotech - 2020-09-10 in General Information

Robotic process automation market is an extremely dynamic environment nowadays. RPA future in 2020 seems competitive and no one could deny that for vendors, it gets more and more challenging to keep u...

How To Buy Hosting & Domain Name For Your WordPress Site?
by Mashum Mollah - 2020-09-09 in Choose your Host

Before you start your WordPress site you will have to make sure that first, you are investing some time elsewhere. In the beginning, you will have to think about buying hosting/domain....

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