Dedicated Or Cloud Server? What To Choose?

2016-01-05 by RackBank Datacenters

In a world where everything is speedy and top notch, the technology around you needs to be better and faster. Here I will tell you which is better between dedicated server and cloud server?

 Here I will compare between these two on the basis of six points. These are

1)    Performance

2)    Scalability

3)    Management  and Provisioning

4)    Reliability

5)    Security

6)    Value

But first let me make you familiar with the terms cloud server and dedicated server. Dedicated server is one where there is only one computer in a network which is reserved to serve the need of the network. In simple words its means that the machine belongs to you but the server is maintained by a hosting company where as cloud servers are servers that can be configured to give the same level of execution, safety and authority of a dedicated server. The difference is cloud server resides on shared virtual environment.

Performance:  Since each machine has its own individual network, therefore dedicated server is more efficient in handling greater workloads. Cloud servers have to handle a lot of network connection due to which the performance get affected. If your needs are more than 2Gps I would recommend dedicated server for you.

Scalability:   dedicated server need a minimum of two scaling procedure, that is migration and hardware upgrades. If there is enough space remaining in your CPU, RAM and hard disk for reboot then it shouldn’t be an issue for your server but if your CPU, RAM and hard disk are full for your server to utilize you might need a new server. Cloud server provides a fast server upgrade and downgrade. Since cloud servers are much more versatile, therefore they are a better option. However if you own a cluster of dedicated server and you can face downtime connected to your server dedicated servers are great. So the decision lies in your hands.

Management and Provisioning:  The key here lies to how you manage your usage. If you are able to manage properly you will have a nice experience while using cloud server when compared to dedicated server. The self-services provided by cloud server is definitely a bonus and all things take place in actual time. Dedicated server are progressing in management and provisioning but cloud servers are still the better option in this case.

Reliability:  If, let’s say we assume that dedicated server and cloud server are running on the same hardware then their reliability would be equal. Nothing is left to be compared then.  If the application on dedicated server and cloud server are placed correctly, they then share the same amount of reliability.

Security:  Dedicated server would be on one level up when compared to cloud server for security purpose only when your company functions in a modulated industry which needs total isolation. Other than that cloud servers are equally good in terms of security when compared to dedicated server.

Value: Value is something that is measured not in terms of just cost but what services are provided in that cost. While using dedicated server one has to spend a consistent amount of sum even if you are not using that much amount of your server. Whereas on the other hand cloud server charge you on an hourly basis and only for the resources consumed. Thus, which is better in terms of value depends on your usage.

To decide which is better is not something I can decide for you. This decision remains with you. I have listed the important features one needs to keep in mind before judging which is better, but according to me which server is better depends on your usage, your requirements and your work.

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