How Effective Data Center Solutions Can Add Value to Your Business

2015-10-08 by RackBank Datacenters

Today, data centers are helping organizations greatly in not just hosting their mission critical data but also in handling their multiple tasks on-demand, based on the varied model of the services as provided by them.

A typical datacenter mainly provides services under various categories namely, colocation hosting, un-managed dedicated server hosting and Managed services.

Growing businesses can leverage superior scalability, simplified management, and streamlined operations by utilizing above mentioned services, based on demand and the pocket for payments.

Now, if we see from application of these services, companies can increase flexibility and interoperability with a programmable infrastructure built on open standards. To add, all this comes with lesser risk and lower costs.

The options to move your services on data center are limitless but one has to make a prudent choice in terms of flexibility and operational costs. Even today, many companies don’t want to move customer sensitive data to data center that has a lot of risks from security point of view. Yet, there are a lot of other services that take similar amount of investment but have smaller impacts compared to user centric data.

Some of the business applications’ companies that can achieve more efficiency using various data center solutions are:

 1.    Big Data and Analytics

We’re living in the era of data- data and loads of data to make smart decisions. Scalable computer resources help companies evolve their business decisions based on predictable throughput and latency to run the big data applications.

 2.    Cloud Solutions

Flexible cloud based services to deploy on public, private, or community clouds to monetize your IT assets. The options are limitless but one has to measure the aspects of performance and security for a specific application before taking a call to move it to external data centers.

3.    Data Center Applications

 Customizable solutions to optimize enterprise applications like those from Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP with the help of reliable, cost-effective, flexible platform. Most of the companies face issues when it comes to moving enterprise-level applications from in-house to data center based solutions.

 4.    Desktop Virtualization

 With companies working in multiple geographies to ensure 24x7 support to their business, desktop virtualization becomes a must. Data centers today facilitate the users with increased administrative control and data security for virtualization services. Not only this, outsourcing the services to data centers help companies reduce costs and at the same time achieve great efficiencies utilizing the features of on-demand expansions.

Where are we heading?

 We are moving towards seeking seamless connectivity for every device in every location all the time!

Datacenters isn’t going to be a passing trend but is here to stay for long to help companies mitigate the challenges of connectivity and simultaneously keeping their  focus on the core operations.

In nutshell, only servers won’t help, you’ll need a bigger plan which would include choosing such a data center that would raise overall efficiency and value of your business!


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