How To Choose Best Dedicated Server Host In India

2016-01-22 by RackBank Datacenters

Whether it is a startup or an already existing established company, choosing or changing web hosting services is a big decision. It becomes even complex if you are going for dedicated server. The process to assess the dedicated servers is way different compared to a shared hosting.

To start with, there are a number of web hosting companies available in India and spread across the spectrum: some are reliable, some are costly, and some are reliable and cost effective.

But as we got to start somewhere, let’s look at things that matter the most when it comes to picking a dedicated server host:

1.  Impregnable Security

Internet security is the most important element of hosting and of course for operations of dedicated servers. Websites dealing with high amount of traffic and a lot of sensitive personal data such as credit card numbers, SSN numbers, phone and demographic details attract online attacks to proportional magnitudes. Precaution being the best cure, website need to have robust firewall settings to ensure customers could leverage greater security levels within the server usage itself, which a dedicated server promises by default.

 2.  Resources, all dedicated

The word “dedicated” itself means all yours! There are countless reasons to add to the essence of resource advantages that you get when you use a dedicated server. Today, most of the data center service providers equip you with features in a dedicated server environment to manage your server resources all by yourself. You can utilize the server resources according to your business needs.

3.  Flexible & Customizable

Flexibility is something that comes naturally when you own the resources. This is what dedicated servers promise. Dedicated servers are highly flexible in terms of what business critical applications you want to run, how you would want to organize the memory resources to ensure you get the maximum benefit of the price you pay. It’s like getting advantage of every penny you spend!

4.  Power supply, uninterrupted

Dedicated servers are the boss when it comes to hosting privileges. Dedicated servers are coupled with redundant power feeds backed by world-class UPS systems and diesel generators to ensure your business critical needs get seamless power connection 24x7. If your service provider doesn’t guarantee you till now then you got to think, because, a server without efficient power system to back is like having a rocket without fuel. To sky rocket your business performance, dedicated servers make sure you get seamless power supply!

5.  Seamless support

No product is promising without a robust support system. Most of the dedicated server providers promise SLAs with 99.95% uptime and a guaranteed resolution to most of your issues within a 4-hour window. Typical support functionality comprises of human support via phone and email, available 24x7. Needless to mention, data services market has matured with a highly efficient system of L1, L2, and L3 network and system engineers, using state-of-the-art Monitoring & Management and CRM Systems.

A dedicated server is a model prepared to serve only one company. Known to be highly reliable, secure and faster, these servers are fairly common with huge sites and high user traffic. With most of the controls in your hand, one is guaranteed to have stable high performance in this model. It is highly recommended for the giants or those who are aspiring to be the giants in the internet industry in India. After all, it’s all about consistent high performance in this highly competitive environment.

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