Top 5 Advantages Of A High-Performance Dedicated Server

2015-11-23 by RackBank Datacenters

The marketplace of hosting providers is populated with me too products, and there is little differentiation in their positioning. Search for ‘Dedicated Servers’ on Google and you will see a series of ads along with the top organically ranked domains. A little research into the top links points towards a gap between the benefits customers are looking for and the features these sites talk about.

Customers are not interested in buying features, they are paying money to reap benefits and only benefits.

When it comes to technical selling, enumerating features is important but that should not overshadow the ultimate result, benefits.

I shall clarify the subtle yet crucial difference between the famously abbreviated FAB. Feature is an attribute of your product. An advantage is what it does for the customer. A benefit is a value the advantage brings.

Let us get back to the topic I promised I shall cover - DEDICATED SERVERS.

A typical web hosting begins with shared hosting where a single server hosts multiple websites. Essentially this boils down to the benefit of low cost, threat of security, restrained performance guarantee, restricted functionality, etc.

In Dedicated Servers, a complete server is devoted to meet your requirements. It means you get more control over the server. Obviously, it would come with a hefty price tag but the benefits eventually make up for the additional cost burden.

Gradually businesses that begin with shared hosting graduate towards requiring a Dedicated Server. It is a crucial decision for business when to make this transition or even whether to go for the upgrade or not.

A simple cost-benefit analysis can clear the air of doubt.

Below are enlisted top 5 advantages of using Dedicated Servers for your business:

Freedom of Accessibility:

Having a server for your need opens avenue of possibilities. You get to be the administrator of the server giving you absolute control over it to install and configure programs as you like. Being administrator, you can also choose to host multiple domains of your site on the same server. The admin access lets you closely monitor the resource usage and other utilization metrics of your server.


Enhanced security would be an understatement with Dedicated servers. The server in dedicated hosting can be equipped with extra security layers for added protection from vulnerabilities. As with shared hosting data of other sites that brings along risk of data overlap or any other sort of malfunction.


Uptime, the time for which the site is accessible, live and running smoothly. Sales folks use uptime as an armor to counter the high costs of dedicated servers. Processor power, disk space, and memory are not shared with other sites ensuring significantly higher uptime.

We at RackBank promise 99.99% network uptime as part of standard features with dedicated server services.

Unique IP Address:

There are direct benefits of having unique IP address to your site. One such benefit is improved SEO rankings. In shared hosting, all the other websites on the server share the same IP address and, therefore, the performance of one website impacts other sites. Reduced site complexity, better-defined backlinks uncomplicate search for web-crawlers or spiders leading to better SEO. A unique IP also reduces the chances of cyber attacks since the hardware is not shared with other users who might be an attack target.

Flexibility in terms of Service:

There is host of services models available when it comes to buying dedicated server services (fully managed, semi-managed, unmanaged, etc.). For instance, the fully managed services provide an option where the web hosting company undertakes all the technical maintenance and care of the servers. Technical specialists with the know how to handle servers handle your servers for you.

At RackBank, we take pride in rendering superlative services for our clients.

With RackBank’s High Performance Xeon Dedicated Servers, you get exclusive features as a standard and that includes - Free cPanel, Plesk or remote desktop, Remote reboot, 99.99% network uptime, Linux or Windows OS with License.

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