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Dot Bomb - Trend or Lesson?
by Michael Bloch - 2003-06-28 in Domain Names

In these days of the "dot bombs", there are a number of us who are getting nervous about the future of the WWW as a viable means making a living....

What's in a name? - A guide to choosing domain names
by Michael Bloch - 2003-06-26 in Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is a big decision. When I originally started trading under "Taming the Beast" years ago, a search on that phrase didn't bring back too many results....

Choosing Your Top Level Domain
by - 2003-06-25 in Domain Names

Once you have figured out a name for your ‘domain’ it can be really confusing trying to decide on what should go after the “dot” (i.e. com, net, org, etc…) in your domain name. This part of...

Why You Need A Domain Name
by - 2003-06-25 in Domain Names

On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique. If you have a...

Web Site Hosting Guide 1 - Asking the right questions & host reviews strategies
by Michael Bloch - 2003-06-25 in Choose your Host

The web hosting industry has become increasingly competitive. A recent search on a popular engine with relevant criteria returned millions of results from thousands of organisations offering site stor...

Managed Hosting – What’s it all about?
by - 2003-06-25 in Basics

A new trend, appearing in the Web Hosting industry, is the concept of Managed Web Hosting. Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be dif...

ASP Web hosting
by - 2003-06-25 in Basics

ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP (Active Server Page). If you want a dynamic data-driven web site you may wish to embed ASP code into your web site’s HTML ...

Get Yourself a Website – Without the Drama
by - 2003-06-25 in Basics

So, you’re done with the free web hosts. Gone through Geocities, Angelfire, Fortune City. You’re exhausted with the pop-ups and banners. You want a real site. But where to go? You look around the ...

Choosing a good Host
by - 2003-06-24 in Choose your Host

Here are a few things I consider a good web-host to have. Also if you are considering starting a web-host these are some points you should breeze through. ...

The benefits of having a web site
by - 2003-06-24 in Basics

When you’re searching through the Internet you will find endless amounts of information, about everything, and all at your fingertips. ...

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