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Exploring IoT Use Cases In Smart Cities
by Rishabh Sinha - 2020-12-04 in General Information

This article discusses various use cases of IoT Technology in Smart Cities....

The 4 Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce
by Catherrine Garcia - 2020-12-03 in e-commerce

People the world over choose to create websites through WordPress because it gives them all the flexibility they need with plugins. They allow you to easily add various tools and resources to create c...

5 Ways To Improve Omnichannel Retail Customer Experience
by Paramhans Singh - 2020-12-02 in General Information

According to the Global Web Index, the number of social media accounts of an average person has increased by 79.16% since 2014. Every upcoming social media platform is a marketing opportunity; consequ...

10 Ways Machine Learning Will Impact Day-To-Day Customer Interactions
by Shawn Mike - 2020-12-01 in Customer Service

Machine learning and AI are the new frontiers in industrial technology. Once thought of as fantasy, AI is not only practiced today, but it is also the only way ahead. It has revolutionized business ac...

Why Cybersecurity Is More Important During COVID-19 Than Ever
by Editor - 2020-11-30 in General Information

It would be fair to say 2020 has been a unique year for all the wrong reasons. As populations and economies have been ravaged by the effects of coronavirus, workforces around the world have been force...

How And Why DevOps Benefits Your Business Process
by Lauren Wiseman - 2020-11-30 in General Information

Considering the speed at which technology is evolving and thus reshaping the business world, it’s only a matter of time before even the smallest of businesses realize the importance of implement...

How To Humanize Chatbots?
by Varun Bhagat - 2020-11-27 in General Information

Who wouldn't like to communicate with a chatbot which has human traits? Talking to a human is always better than with a machine. In this blog let us check out how to humanize your chatbots....

How To Write A Flawless Web Design Brief
by Andi Croft - 2020-11-26 in Marketing

Thinking about having someone create a website for you? That’s a big project to tackle, right? Even if you have some experience being involved in web design projects, every new one is a totally ...

How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?
by Sneha Das - 2020-11-25 in Technical Support

Every company seems to be going through a 'digital transformation', but it’s hard to pin down what that really means and it's even harder to do. A few organizations believe that digital transfor...

Key Cloud SLA Pointers You Should Never Miss
by Rishabh Sinha - 2020-11-23 in Cloud Computing

This blog discusses various important considerations when it comes to Cloud Computing. Failing to understand the Cloud SLA can have serious implications both for the provider and the user....

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