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How to Find the Right Host for Your Web Site
by Andrew LaPointe - 2004-09-26 in Choose your Host

Developing a professional web presence requires a comprehensive strategy to ensure success. The most important element to the overall success of your website is your hosting service. ...

What is Bandwidth and Data Transfer?
by - 2004-09-25 in Basics

Simply put, bandwidth and data transfer are synonomous, referring to the amount of data sent to and from visitors and your website. It is calculated by the size of your web page and includes all scrip...

To Share or Not to Share?
by - 2004-09-24 in Basics

When looking for a hosting solution for your web site you'll discover you have the choice of shared or dedicated hosting. This article will breifly explain the difference between them....

Importance of a PPC Bid Manager
by Robin Nobles - 2004-09-22 in Marketing

In past issues, I've discussed the pro's and con's of advertising on PPC engines like Overture, FindWhat, Sprinks, and others. I've mentioned how Overture has the advantage of offering you the most tr...

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service!
by - 2004-09-20 in Basics

Support. Is there really anybody there? Send them a question by email and see how long they take to respond. You want to know if they'll be there when you need them. Some offer 24-hour support and a f...

Know How DNS Works
by - 2004-09-19 in Basics

Domain name Servers (DNS) are an important but invisible part of the internet, and form one of the largest databases on it. Each machine on an internet is assigned a unique address, called an IP addre...

Benefits of a Dedicated Server
by Sanjay Sharma - 2004-09-18 in Basics

Hosting your web sites on your own dedicated server may seem a little expensive in comparison to shared web hosting, but the end result is more advantageous. Shared web hosting, no matter how well man...

Managed Hosting: What is that all about?
by Candice Humbley - 2004-09-15 in Basics

A new trend, appearing in the Web Hosting industry, is the concept of Managed Web Hosting. Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be dif...

Do you need Dedicated IP when hosting your website?
by Andrew Smith - 2004-09-14 in Basics

Many of us who is still beginner in web hosting industry didn't really know what is Dedicated IP/Static IP and does it really important to have dedicated IP for your site?...

Budget Web Hosting - Are they all created equal?
by - 2004-09-09 in Choose your Host

Choosing a budget web hosting company can be overwhelming. In fact, choosing any web hosting company can be a challenge due, in large part, to the fact that there are so many of them. ...

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