Technical Support

The Best Cyber Security Ideas For SMBs
by Ashley Halsey - 2020-01-15 in Technical Support

While you may think that major businesses are the only ones that experience major hacks, since these are often plastered all over every major news outlet when they happen, inciting outrage and worry f...

3 Ways Technology Can Be Used To Take Your Business To The Next Level
by Editor - 2020-01-10 in Technical Support

Has your business fallen off the pace in its market recently? Is it nowhere near reaching its full potential, despite being in operation for a number of years now?...

Beginner's Guide To URL Redirection For WordPress Sites
by Catherrine Garcia - 2020-01-09 in Technical Support

If you want to learn everything about URL redirection- what it is, why it is used, how to use it, then your search ends here....

Is Apache Spark Lacking Something? Let’s Find Out
by James Warner - 2020-01-02 in Technical Support

Apache Spark is an extremely advanced big data processing tool that contains superb features. The tool is known worldwide for its high speed of processing......

Top 7 Web Development Technologies And Frameworks You Should Know
by James Burns - 2019-12-19 in Technical Support

There are approximately 2 billion websites! Moreover, the internet active user is around 2.5 billion so far. We hope this figure will grow more in the near future!...

Making Agile More Successful: 3 Tips For Selecting The Best Automated Test Tools
by Nijam Seth - 2019-12-18 in Technical Support

Businesses in the software development industry are constantly go through a lot of different changes. Software needs among individuals and companies are changing, and so is how they are created....

4 Worst IoT Security Hacks Of All Time
by Justin Osborne - 2019-12-17 in Technical Support

Currently, there are millions of connected devices worldwide and statistics show that by 2025, there will be more than 75 billion IoT devices. Forbes predicts that the number to be more than 80 billio...

5 Tips To Strengthen Your Website’s Cybersecurity In 2020
by Kara Masterson - 2019-12-17 in Technical Support

Cybersecurity is more important now than ever. It seems that every year we hear about another business who left themselves vulnerable and ended up regretting it after getting hacked. If you get hacked...

Antivirus Can Protect Your Computer From Theft And Destruction
by Rona Carcido - 2019-12-10 in Technical Support

It was May 5 of 2000, a virus that originated in Manila, Philippines, had spread to tens of millions of computers all around the world in just a few hours. Outlook was the point of entry. An email wit...

Top 5 Antivirus Tools For Servers (Free & Paid)
by Tech Social - 2019-12-09 in Technical Support

Keeping your computer or laptop safe is fairly easy. You can simply rely on the integrated antivirus software that comes with your operating system, or swiftly browse the Internet for a free option....

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