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How To Increase The Security Of Your Web Hosting Server
by Catherrine Garcia - 2018-05-15

In today’s day and age, if you are looking forward to creating a successful business, you will have to take it online. However, doing so also comes with the hassle of cybersecurity and threat...

WordPress Security Tips To Keep Your Site Safe From Hackers
by Meredith M - 2018-04-16

In this age of technology, it is important to have a digital presence in the form of a website. Whether you use it for publicity, to sell your goods or services or even as a means of earning money ...

The Age Of Tech: 5 Tricks For Securing Your Business Data
by Kara Masterson - 2018-02-16

In today’s increasingly technical world, protecting your company from security breaches has become critical. Not that long ago, computer hackers simply accessed data to show they could do it,...

Sharp Spike In Global DDoS Attacks: Where Are We Headed?
by Debbie Fletcher - 2017-12-21

With the spike in global DDoS attacks, what's to come for 2018? Security experts are predicting the worst; but what could that look like?


Why Web Hosting Security Vital In Business Operations?
by Josh Althauser - 2017-10-02

Small and large-scale businesses have claimed that the security of their websites is of utmost importance to ensure the smoothness of their operations. They cited that the lack of security can have...

5 Simple Methods Of Ensuring A Secure Website
by Timothy Ufer - 2017-09-15

Hackers have become more creative and are always finding new ways to compromise websites. As a webmaster in today’s world, it has become increasingly important to keep your site secure from m...

Masks Off On The Issue Of Exaggerated Click Fraud Detection Reports By Third-party Auditors
by Toby Nwazor - 2017-08-23

Masks were removed on the subject of click fraud detection at one of the departments of Google, because a leading specialist of the company dealing with security issues, revealed the results of the...

20 Ways To Harden The Security Of Your WordPress Site
by Anil Parmar - 2017-08-09

Has your site ever been hacked? What measures are you taking to improve security for your WordPress site? With the multiple benefits of the online world, it has a dark side too. And, especially whe...

Cyber Security: How To Prevent Breaches In Your Business
by Lizzie Weakley - 2017-08-02

The internet is an excellent tool for businesses to reach new clients and markets from all over the globe. However, the internet is also home to criminals and cyber threats that are out to steal yo...

What's Missing From Your Site's Security?
by Eileen O'Shanassy - 2017-07-18

Whether it's credit card information being stolen from your online business or extreme situations where hackers take control of a site and hold it for ransom, online and technological security has ...

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