Technical Support

Different Types Of Software Security Testing & Their Benefits
by Maddy Sen - 2021-06-04 in Technical Support

Security testing is basically a type of software testing, with its main goal being exposing the potential vulnerabilities and flaws in a system, if any, should it ever come under a cyber-attack....

7 Reasons Why IT Support Is Worth The Investment
by Tarah Mills - 2021-05-12 in Technical Support

To run a successful business today you need to have many different parts of your business up and running successfully. This can include having effective sales, marketing, accounting, and operations de...

The Importance Of File Server Security To An Organization
by Michael Dunlop - 2021-05-05 in Technical Support

Your servers are the backbone of your company's IT infrastructure. If your servers are compromised, then you can end up not only losing your valuable data but be at the risk of facing liability claims...

8 Benefits Of Managed Hosting For Small Businesses
by Finnegan Pierson - 2021-04-02 in Technical Support

Nearly every small business relies on information technology to operate. One of the most critical components of any IT setup is the server. Many small business owners don't have the personnel or exper...

Cybersecurity Awareness: 8 Cybersecurity Tips For Online Shopping
by Stella Evans - 2021-03-25 in Technical Support

More and more people are now becoming familiar with online shopping, and are more at home with performing online transactions....

How AI And ML Are Remodeling Cybersecurity?
by Sidharth Jain - 2021-03-02 in Technical Support

In this blog, we will be discussing the usage of AI and ML in the cybersecurity space. We will also see how AI and ML have transformed cybersecurity in all these years and what we can expect in the fu...

Latest Software Trend Forecasts For 2021
by OLIVIA CUTHBERT - 2021-02-26 in Technical Support

You have just seen the latest trends in software development. These are certainly not the only new trends in software development technology. If you have any ideas or suggestions on the latest softwar...

8 Things CIOs Should Adopt In 2021
by mohammad ali - 2021-01-21 in Technical Support

CIOs are facing numerous challenges on multiple fronts. Whether it is taking up a more strategic role and driving digital transformation initiatives to success, ensuring consumer privacy and data secu...

Looking At Cybersecurity In Every Aspect Of Your Business
by Adrian Johansen - 2020-12-21 in Technical Support

We often look at cybersecurity as a single department or an exclusive aspect of conducting business. However, cybersecurity is a necessary component in every aspect of your business, as digital safety...

How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?
by Sneha Das - 2020-11-25 in Technical Support

Every company seems to be going through a 'digital transformation', but it’s hard to pin down what that really means and it's even harder to do. A few organizations believe that digital transfor...

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