Technical Support

Adding A Custom DNS Record And Creating Backup Of Website In Windows Plesk
by Jessica Robert - 2019-04-10 in Technical Support

Today if you are using a custom name server for your website then it allows you to run your own name server where it will help to respond to DNS requests for your domains....

Essential Email Hosting Terms Every Professional Know
by James Cummings - 2019-04-03 in Technical Support

There are some important email hosting terms every corporate email portal administrator or professional should know in order to help them perform optimally....

5 Types Of Managed Services For Businesses
by Maria Macaraig - 2019-03-27 in Technical Support

Allowing other companies to take care of some of your needs has become a standard for the business of today. Numerous managed services exist to make your life easier while allowing you to boost profit...

How To Avoid Cybersecurity Disaster: Lessons From The Top Security Breaches Of 2018
by Gilad Maayan - 2019-02-18 in Technical Support

The recent past has witnessed cybersecurity professionals fighting for a way against information security breaches where victories have been hard to come by. In parallel, the exponential growth in ter...

What Are Cyber Risks And How Can You Help Your Business Avoid Them?
by Editor - 2019-01-04 in Technical Support

In this day and age, almost all business is conducted through and reliant on the use of technological tools. This reliance causes modern businesses of all kinds to face what are known as cyber risks....

How Can You Perform The Best Data Recovery? Top Tips To Follow
by Ronny Dsouza - 2018-11-28 in Technical Support

Losing essential data from your electronic storage device can often be upsetting for anyone as it might include some very important memories, moments or collections. Losing data is a very common scena...

10 Security Features You Need In Web Hosting
by Lisa Michaels Lisa Michaels - 2018-09-19 in Technical Support

The hosting company you choose for your website may be just as important to your online success as the quality of the content you publish. With over 1.5 billion websites globally, you should understan...

Backup And Recovery: Keep Data Safe On Quickbooks Cloud
by John Cox - 2018-08-02 in Technical Support

Backup and Recovery has helped to increase the popularity of QuickBooks Cloud manifold. With the satisfaction of data safety, security and easy recovery, entrepreneurs can smoothen their accounting an...

5 Cybersecurity Threats To Watch In 2018
by Editor - 2018-07-17 in Technical Support

Last year was a banner year for data breaches, which increased 29 percent year-over-year in the first half of 2017 to hit a half-year record high....

The Smaller Your Business, The Bigger Your Ransomware Threat In 2018
by Steve Buege - 2018-05-25 in Technical Support

Did you know that ransomware attacks grew another 250% in 2017? This is in part because of its ability to print money for hackers in ways that few other malware methods do. But while larger organizati...

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