How To Create Engaging Visual Content For More Traffic On Your Website

2023-07-17by Elise Myers

Visual content is more appealing to the human eye than just long pages of text. In today’s world, where people's attention span is getting shorter every day, the importance of incorporating visual content grows significantly. A picture can catch a user's attention visiting your website for the first time. Using images, videos, and different types of visual content can boost the effectiveness of your website. A significant factor contributing to a website's Click Through Rate (CTR) is how visually appealing and interesting the content is. This article is a one-stop guide for anyone who wants to create engaging visual content to attract more traffic to their website.

Some facts and figures that portray the importance of utilizing visual content:

  • Research has proven that incorporating images and videos can increase the CTR of your website by 47%.
  • Visual content has a 90% retention rate.
  • Visually appealing content can ensure 80% more conversions on your website.

Steps to Create Engaging Visual Content

Understanding the Target Audience

It is crucial to divide the target audience for the product or service offered by your website. Dividing your audience gives you an in-depth analysis of what they want. You can create a suitable blogging strategy to catch your audience's attention without much effort. You can collect data through feedback forms and identify the source of most of your blog's traffic to create valuable strategies for your visitors. Having many visitors to your blog gets more clicks on ads so you will get more money. So, here’s a detailed guide by The Blog Starter that shows the easiest ways to get paid by showing ads on your blog.

Emphasizing and Increasing the Volume of Visual Content

Wordy paragraphs and long sentences are challenging for users to read and retain. The power of visual content can make your paragraphs and sentences more relatable and engaging. Adding a suitable amount of images and animations that are relevant to the topic increases the probability of getting more conversions.

Here’s a technique that can be helpful if you want to add engaging visual content to your website.

Featured Image Technique

The featured image is the first type of visual content that you should include in your article or blog. This will give a basic idea to your visitors about the topic or the context of your text content. A featured image becomes necessary for dealing with textual content without relevant screenshots or graphs. If a user shares the link to your article or blog, the featured image will be the first thing they come across.

Consistent Visuals

Consistency is a vital pillar in almost all aspects of life. A good content strategy must include consistency to produce the desired results. Establishing a brand value requires a consistent visual representation of the content that you want your user to connect with. Consistency ensures that there is a connection established between you and your audience. Minimal details like typography, style consistency, and color scheme can make or break the aim of your content strategy.

Quality over Quantity

Most of the time, people will be flooding their content with images, videos, graphs, and more, making the whole page messy and scattered. Irrelevant and unnecessary images seem to shift the highlight of your main content to the images and videos. You must balance the visual and the textual content so your article is engaging and informative. Knowing which images and color schemes to use can change the output of your whole strategy. If your target audience is younger, you should prefer using bright and bold images and basic colors if your desired audience is middle-aged. Note that you use copyright-free and legal images to avoid copyright and revenue disputes.

Simple yet Impactful

Be sure to use compelling yet basic images that are easy to understand for the users. This minor point will make your content user-friendly and clean. This way, you won’t have to explain every graphic content you add. The images that you choose should match the values that the rest of your content is about.

Using Infographics

Using infographics can change how you explain complex information to your new and existing visitors. Flow charts and other step-by-step guide graphics can encourage the users to share your content. You can use pre-designed templates to create beautiful visuals even if you do not know graphic design. Simple and clear infographics will always win over complex and cluttered ones.

The Importance of Storytelling

Storytelling is used for visual and textual content marketing to capture the user's attention. You can feature storytelling by using any content, whether a funny meme or a relatable documentary; they all can tell a story and act as a hook for the consumer of your content.

Benefits of using Social Media

If you want to increase your reach, social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be a goldmine for your content. These platforms have a large audience pool and many unique features to offer. You can share the same content on different platforms by tweaking them depending on the platform’s requirements. Another advantage of using social media platforms for promoting your content is that you can engage your audience by using the like, comment, and share features on these platforms.

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