Safeguard Your Online Presence: Essential Security Plugins For WordPress CMS

2023-06-20by Juliette Anderson

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there, with millions of websites running on it; because of that, malicious attacks on the platform also increase, with hackers constantly looking for ways to access WordPress sites illegally.


They may try to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data such as payment information and user data or use the site to set further attacks on other sites.


It would help to use strong security plug-ins to protect your site from these threats. These should offer you multiple levels of protection while being accessible even for non-tech-savvy WordPress users.


1. Wordfence

Although WordPress is constantly developing and improving its security, several vulnerabilities can only be addressed by specialized guard plug-ins.


WordPress is one of the most popular WordPress firewalls and security planners, strengthening a site’s defense against hackers, malware, and other security threats.


This plug-in provides powerful features that will help you find these security threats, preventing them from gaining access to your site.


2. Sucuri Security

When you enable this plug-in, all the traffic on your site will go through a cloud proxy firewall before coming to your host server. It lets them block all attacks, sending only legitimate site visitors.

One of the most significant advantages of this plug-in is that it keeps your site secure. The firewall makes your site load quicker, allowing you to save cash on your hosting bill since your server load goes down.


3. iThemes Security

This plug-in is excellent in securing your site with several offerings that will secure your site from hacks and unwanted visitors.


It recognizes vulnerabilities, obsolete software, and weak passwords. This well-rounded security plug-in works for all kinds of WordPress sites.


While the basic features come with the free version, consider upgrading to iThemes Security

Pro. This gives you ticketed support, annual updates of your plug-in, and support for two websites. If you want to secure more websites, you can upgrade your plan. The main features of the pro version include strong password enforcement, locking out bad users, backup for your database, and two-factor authentication.


4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

This plug-in features WordPress security auditing and monitoring. It allows you to apply some of your site’s basic WordPress security best practices. Other features include a login lockdown preventing brute force attacks, file integrity monitoring, IP filtering, monitoring of user accounts, etc.


It also features a basic level firewall that allows you to detect the most common patterns, blocking them. You can also have the option to blacklist any suspicious IPs manually.


5. BulletProof Security

This plug-in has more features than any other security plug-in on the market. It includes email alerts, quarantines, anti-spam, auto restore, etc.

It also works as an all-around security plug-in since it can do database backups and login security.


Remember, though, that this isn’t the most beginner-friendly WordPress security plug-in out there. Still, it does its job if you want to use its unique features and settings, such as the anti-exploit guard and FTP file locking. It also features a set-up wizard auto-fix feature that makes the job simpler.


6. Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most commonly used WordPress plug-ins in the market. It has a wide variety of features, from performance to marketing. It also has some features you might not know of, making it one of the best WordPress security plug-ins in the market.


This freemium tool provides highly intuitive, beginner-friendly security solutions that offer real-time backups, malware scanning, and spam protection.


Apart from that, it also helps with brute force protection and uptime monitoring, and the best thing about it is that these features come with a free plan. Another thing worth noting with this plug-in is that the team behind WordPress creates it, so you’ll feel more confident knowing that this safe is highly reliable and secure.


7. Shield Security

Another great WordPress security plug-in that you need to consider is Shield Security. It filters out spam, monitors your site for malicious URLs, prevents it from brute attacks, etc.


One of the main advantages of using this plug-in is its performance. Many security plug-ins often have a reputation for slowing down your site. This plug-in prevents this by optimizing it for speed.


Another helpful feature of this plug-in is keeping it secure when installing it. Many plug-ins will only protect your site after configuring the settings. With this plug-in, your site is immediately secured as you make adjustments.


8. SecuPress

This plug-in has both the free and paid version. SecuPress was originally launched by WP Media behind the popular WP Rocket plug-in.


However, the company later released its ownership to the current owner. So, while you might see similarities in design to WP Rocket, these two plug-ins are no longer owned by the same company.


Over to You

So there you have it. This post will help you find your site’s best WordPress security plug-in, and it also helps you work with a reputable custom software development company. The initial investment in your website alone won’t secure it. Hacks, SEO spam backdoor attacks, and other threats are rampant.


These threats can hurt your profits, your customers’ trust, and the overall stability of your site. That’s why we made a list of plug-ins to protect your site.

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