7 Signs Your Business Needs A Network And Security Audit

2023-01-05by Bronson Fultz

Digital security is more important than ever. As hackers are getting better at breaking into networks, any organisation shouldn’t be complacent about its security measures. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a network consultant is reducing your risk of being hacked and becoming a victim of frequently costly and reputation-denting data breaches.

What Is A Security Audit?
Providers of professional network consultancy services perform networking auditing. It’s the process of gathering and analysing network data to identify, manage, and address risks and vulnerabilities.

In a security audit, various aspects of a network are evaluated — including network nodes, control, security, measures, practices, and management. It’s a comprehensive check-up that tells you how healthy your network is and what you should do to improve it.

When Do You Need A Security Audit?
Any business that relies on a network needs to do an audit at some point. Here are signs to help you determine when yours is due.

You’ve been hacked. Getting hacked is an unfortunate thing to happen. But it certainly can be prevented from taking place again. If your network has recently been hacked, don’t waste time and perform a network assessment immediately. Doing this will also assure your customers that you’re improving your security.

You want to reduce network-related costs. Want to keep your data and network-related expenses to a minimum? Be sure your system is performing with peak efficiency. You can identify what makes your system non-optimal with a thorough audit.

You’re frequently experiencing network outages. Network outages are disrupting. And in business, time is money. If you’re experiencing downtimes more frequently than before, it’s high time to get your network audited.

Your encounter more and more latency and functionality issues. Does it take long before your website loads or forms get submitted? Have you been receiving complaints from employees, clients, and customers about functionality issues on your website? Address these concerns by having the pros look at your network’s health.

Your network doesn’t comply with security standards. Global security standards help network users minimise their likelihood of getting cyber-attacked. You're more susceptible to hacking if yours doesn’t comply with such measures.

Your system is already out of date. Trends are quick to come and go in the technology space. You must ensure that your network uses and leverages updated tools and practices. An out-of-date system tends to experience more functional issues.

You’re scaling your business. When your business grows, your network has to adapt as well. Before you scale your network, it’s a must to undertake a comprehensive audit.

Protect Your Network With Professional Network Consultancy Services
Protecting your network is more than just preventing cybercriminals from stealing your data. At Layer3 Systems, you can hire experienced network consultants to help you enhance your network health and subsequently improve your performance as a business.

No matter how complex or huge your network is, count on their expertise to give you the best insights and services to keep your networks and systems running efficiently.

Learn more at https://www.layer3.co.uk.

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