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10 Key JavaScript Functionality You Must Be Aware Of
by Bryan Lazaris - 2019-05-31 in General Information

Nowadays, being the best buddy of CSS3 and HTML5, JavaScript is broadly used by the developers. JavaScript has a great role in those responsive web applications that look superb on desktops, tablets a...

Are Chatbots Helping Or Hurting Your Customer Service And Brand?
by Maggie Potter - 2019-05-30 in General Information

Remember Clippy? That annoying paperclip that interrupted every step of your Microsoft Word document? The Microsoft Office assistant drew extensive criticism for being intrusive — stopping users...

Bitcoin Is Going Up: What’s Behind The Sudden Surge?
by Mary Callahan - 2019-05-28 in General Information

After starting 2019 in a similar trend to the previous cataclysmic year, the Bitcoin price finally seems to be in the ascension as we enter spring....

What Is An SSL Certificate? Everything A Website Owner Needs To Know: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost, Resources
by Medha Mehta - 2019-05-09 in General Information

The internet was introduced as an open mass communication facilitator and no one thought security could be an issue one day. But it became a popular medium for business transactions and protecting sen...

Enterprise IoT: What Does It Promise In Future
by Paresh Sagar - 2019-05-08 in General Information

IoT has been with us for a time. And it is also playing a concrete role in industries such as health care, education, agricultural, manufacturing and more....

6 Underlying Benefits Of Ruby On Rails For Web Development
by Code Wilson - 2019-04-18 in General Information

Ruby on Rails, or essentially 'Rails,' was created in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson, in light of the Ruby programming language. This is a software tool unit for the development of sites and applica...

Start Your New Business With The Help Of The Latest Technology
by Editor - 2019-04-17 in General Information

When you’re starting a business think of technology as your best friend. There are so many different ways you can use it to your advantage, and it allows small and medium-sized enterprises to co...

6 Impressive Ways AI Will Reshape Fintech Mobile Apps
by Juned Ghanchi - 2019-04-08 in General Information

Finance and banking industry is continuing to adopt new technologies to deal with a whole array of competitive challenges ranging from financial frauds to meeting customer expectations about superior ...

How Blockchain Helps Launch Startups
by Alexander Slichnyi - 2019-04-02 in General Information

That blockchain tech has already had a big impact on society is clear. It’s estimated that by 2030, virtual currencies will be adopted by most governments in the world. Blockchain-based apps are...

Framing Your WordPress Site Using MySQL Database
by Barrack Diego - 2019-04-01 in General Information

If you are designing a WordPress based website, and planning your database management right now from the beginning of the project, while visualizing the increasing load on your site database in future...

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