Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing vs Grid Computing
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-19 in Cloud Computing

Grid computing has been around for a long time, and sometime is confused with cloud computing. To be honest, these processes are not the same and should not be confused with each other. Cloud and grid...

Cloud Computing Concerns
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-12 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is still in its infancy, and many concerns about the service have not been resolved, and some probably have not been thought about. When shopping around for a cloud computing company, ...

Cloud computing is what it is all about
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-07 in Cloud Computing

When it comes to the future of IT, cloud computing is what it is all about. Even traditional software companies, such as Microsoft, are turning their software into applications that are more cloud fri...

It`s all about: Cloud Computing
by Seozest - 2010-04-13 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has opened the world of new opportunities for Information Technology Industry. The enterprises are quite optimistic about this new buzz. Cloud computing as a "computing model", has cha...

Business Benefits of Cloud Computing and the Dynamic Data Center
by Richard Stasior - 2010-04-06 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing incorporates virtualization, data and application on-demand deployment, online delivery of services and open source software to provide significant business benefits. Through virtualiz...

Parallels Summit 2010: Time For Cloud Computing
by Editor - 2010-02-28 in Cloud Computing

Over 1100 international industry leaders attended Parallels Summit 2010, a premium event which took place in Miami. The discussions were focused on how cloud service providers can innovate, optimize a...

Cloud Computing - An Overview
by Anushil Nandan - 2010-02-02 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gets its name as a metaphor for the Internet. Typically, the Internet is represented in network diagrams as a cloud. The cloud represents all the things that make the network work. But...

Cloud Computing - Things to Consider Before Switching
by Anushil Nandan - 2010-01-12 in Cloud Computing

The previous year saw the incredible popularity of buzzwords like SaaS (software as a service), Cloud Computing and utility computing.  Recent surveys show growth of cloud computing usage from ar...

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