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The Implications Of IT Downtime And How To Mitigate The Risk Of Incidents
by Clayton Richard - 2021-08-23 05:53:48 in General Information

The annual Black Friday sale season is one of the biggest events for retailers in the US, and increasingly, in other countries as well. For one week in November, retailers would push amazing discounts and sales that eager consumers would then take advantage of. Many retailers depend on the Black Friday sale season to generate massive amounts of revenue. That’s why any technical difficulties that happen during this important time of the year can be disastrous.


5 Efficient Strategies For Addressing Security Vulnerabilities
by Clayton Richard - 2021-08-10 09:27:19 in Technical Support

The issue of security has become more important over the last few years. A growing number of organizations are now putting more focus on their security because of the rise of attacks and threats online.


Hosting Plans – Does It Really Matter What You Choose
by Clayton Richard - 2021-01-20 08:00:20 in Choose your Host

Every website on the Internet needs a hosting platform. Hosting companies offer a range of plans for various websites. Many website owners think that the hosting plan they choose does not matter. However, hosting plans can have several implications for business and revenue generation.