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Hybrid Hosting: High-Level Flexibility, Speed, Security And Scalability
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-12-03 00:19:36 in Reseller Hosting

With features like high-level flexibility, speed, security and scalability, Hybrid hosting has appeared to be the best of all. It is believed that as the technology advances and evolves further and larger in this hosting arrangement, it is going to be the most favored choice of businesses, of all sizes.


Reseller Hosting Can Be a New Career Choice for Web Designers
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-11-26 03:17:55 in Reseller Hosting

When we talk about the web hosting industry, we generally can think of two classes- the provider and the client side. One offer the service, while the other utilizes it to run his or her business online. But actually, there is a third side to it too or one can say a service model that lies between these two sides i.e reseller hosting.


ASP.Net Hosting Services For Highest Server Uptime
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-11-17 23:08:52 in Technical Support

While you are choosing a perfect ASP.Net hosting plan, you may browse through various hosting options including shared, dedicated and VPS. All you need to evaluate the exact need of yours that you require for your managed hosting initiatives. Traverse through the various pros and cons of each plan and go with one that suits you best.


Cloud Computing Security Threats Identify Cloud Security Breaches
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-10-29 01:16:37 in Cloud Computing

Cloud environment constantly faces constant threats from security breaches and malicious attacks from insider as well as outsider sources. Experts believe on adapting precautionary measures like tough information security, comprehensive compliance reporting and API analysis in order to put a vigil on these threats.


cPanel VPS Hosting: Embracing Extended Edges
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-10-27 01:20:53 in General Information

For people struggling in the industry, with truly gruesome limitations and budget problems, cPanel VPS hosting, with its lucrative features of cPanel VPS ensures to deliver services of superb value to the customers. It has the competency to beat many of its matches standing with high price tag in the market.


An Insight Into The WordPress Hosting
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-09-27 01:34:57 in Choose your Host

With WordPress platform, one may effortlessly materialize his aim of owning a concrete web presence. You may start with blogging or publishing a website in no time. One-click installation of the necessary software is what most WordPress hosting services providers offer to have you in action right away.


Points To Consider While Opting For A Dedicated Hosting Plan
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-08-19 01:28:22 in Choose your Host

Naturally, every individual or company plans to have the best dedicated hosting plan but once they get out in the market, several factors starts vacillating their choice. Hence, knowing exactly what is best for your company is very important.


Explore the Key Advantages of Virtual Private Servers
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-08-11 07:04:27 in General Information

VPS offers numerous advantages to the web hosting users in the form of resources and affordability. VPS hosting differs from the traditional web hosting in various manners. Small or mid level companies are now keying on the immense advantages of the VPS web hosting in order to achieve greater flexibility and hosting support.


Multiple Domain Hosting - Truly Flexible in Nature
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-04-12 10:41:28 in General Information

Multiple domain hosting renders awesome flexibility. Multiple IP addresses keep you safe from security threats and allow you to interlink all of your sites, by keeping search engines completely oblivious to it. No search engine will recognize as the same entity and thus, will not jeopardize your linking efforts by penalizing them.