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If you are looking for the most affordable web hosting option, shared server space is a common way to go. With this option, you are sharing space on a server with other web sites. But if you have a lot of traffic and plan to use a lot of resources, a dedicated server will likely be needed. However, a dedicated server can be expensive. So how do you enjoy the benefits of dedicated web hosting plus the affordability of shared hosting? The answer is VPS web hosting. VPS web hosting stands for “virtual private server” web hosting. This is where your site is run as if it were on its own server - in a virtual dedicated or private server so to speak. When you do this, you are able to customize the way the site is run however you might prefer, without incurring the major operating costs associated with your own truly dedicated server. This appeals to those who want to customize their site deeply, but do not need the higher price tag.

But where do you go to find the best VPS web hosting services available? HostReview offers a number of convenient resources you can use to determine which is the best option for you. HostReview offers reviews on most all major website hosting companies and their services, so that you may better analyze and assess which one is the most appropriate one for you. If you need more help learning and understanding what web hosting is all about, HostReview has Featured Blogs where knowledgeable authors take the time to guide you through the workings of different hosting options. If you are looking for even more information, check out the forums, where the active HostReview community shares opinions and gets involved in the discussions on various web hosting companies and their differing array of offered services. By using all of these helpful resources, you can be assured and confident to choose the best web site hosting company for your particular needs, and at a price that you can afford.

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Featured Article:

VPS Web Hosting Has Become A Great Option For Many Online Businesses

[Posted on March 28]

One of the fastest growing trends in web hosting is the use of virtual private servers because of the numerous benefits it offers over a shared server as well as a dedicated server. If you're familiar with these different types of web hosting, you'll know that for sites that expect a low amount of traffic that a shared server often makes the most sense. It's usually the most affordable option because the costs of running the server are spread out over the different sites that are sharing the server. However, sites being hosted on a shared server are susceptible to crashes and other types of downtime that can be extremely detrimental to websites doing business.

This is why many companies that handle transactions through their web site choose dedicated web hosting. This means that only your site will be on the server and it will be able to accommodate spikes in traffic without worrying about your site going down when you most need it to be operational. The problem that many companies find is that using a dedicated server can very often be expensive. The high costs can deter a business from even exploring this option, meaning they're not really maximizing their potential revenue streams.

This has led many businesses to look into VPS web hosting. The expenses associated with VPS web hosting are much lower than with dedicated web hosting but you're able to enjoy many of the same benefits. Before you make any decisions regarding your web hosting, it's in your best interest to learn as much as you can about the different methods that are available. This is one of the reasons so many people turn to HostReview.

Not only do we offer insight and evaluations on the specific web hosts, such as Host Gator, Go Daddy, Yahoo and more, but we serve as a resource for those that want to learn more about these different types of web hosting. By reading the different articles and Featured Blogs at HostReview, you can determine if the kind of website you're launching can function on a shared server or if VPS web hosting is a better option or if you truly need to make the investment in a dedicated server. This is a constantly evolving industry and HostReview can help you stay up to date on the latest advancements and innovations.

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