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If you are opening up a new online store, and you have wisely invested in marketing it, you will likely be expecting a lot of traffic to the site as time goes on. When that happens, a shared server can crash rather quickly. This is because you are sharing your connection with other web sites, and the server becomes overloaded with visitors. If your site crashes, visitors are likely to not return. This is why you may need to invest in dedicated web hosting for your web site.

While more costly than shared, dedicated web hosting is a must for high-traffic sites, or those that will be running custom software on their site.  Because it is can be a significant investment, you will do well to ensure that you are investing in the best company for the job. This is why HostReview is an excellent source of information that will help you make the right decision.

If you make the wrong decision, you run the risk of spending money on dedicated web hosting with a company that either is unreliable – defeating the purpose of the dedicated server in the first place – or one that offers little support, so you have nowhere to turn when you have a problem with your site. HostReview offers detailed reviews of the major web hosting companies, so that you can properly analyze their performance and figure out which would be the best company to host your site.

If you know very little about web hosting in general, their Featured Blogs are a great place to start to find lots of useful and valuable information on the various types of web hosting. In addition, their community members run a forum devoted to the topic, so you can post a specific question related to your own web hosting needs, and someone can personally help you out. This way, you can find the best domain hosting for your web site needs.

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Research Dedicated Web Hosting At HostReview To Determine If It Makes The Most Sense For Your Company

[Posted on June 16]

One of the biggest decisions facing a company as they prepare for the launch of their website is whether or not they should invest in dedicated web hosting. While there are cheap website hosting options available, the benefits of dedicated web hosting often make it a worthwhile investment. That being said, a dedicated server is not something every company or website needs in order to operate successfully. This is something you'll have to determine before you make the investment in dedicated web hosting or you could find yourself paying for services that you don't actually need.

However, if you simply dismiss dedicated web hosting based solely on the costs, you could be making a serious mistake that will cost you dearly once your site is actually operational. This is because the primary reason for utilizing dedicated web hosting is that it offers the highest level of site stability. What this means is that when your site is hosted on a dedicated server, all of that server's resources are used to support your site and your site alone.

During periods of heavy traffic, sites using dedicated web hosting are much less susceptible to crashes and other technical problems. If you intend for your site to be used to facilitate business transactions, then you can't afford to have it crash or become unavailable when people are visiting in order to purchase products or services from you, otherwise you're risking lost revenue and customers who will be turned away for good by your malfunctioning site. While there are a number of benefits to dedicated web hosting, particularly compared to cheap website hosting options like a shared server, it should be known that there are web hosting options that offer many of the same benefits as a dedicated server that are more affordable.

In order to learn more about these options, such as cloud hosting or virtual private servers, you should research these topics at HostReview. By reading our Featured blogs, company profiles and posting questions on the HostReview forums you'll be able to judge for yourself whether or not dedicated web hosting is something you need for you website and if not, which method of web hosting makes the most sense for you. Once you've informed yourself about web hosting, you'll have put yourself in a better position to make a smart investment that will yield both short term and long term value.

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