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There is no shortage of website hosting companies available today to small business owners. This is a good thing: Regardless of your type of business, a Web presence is a necessity in this day and age. Because there are so many companies offering web hosting, they tend to have different options and features. Having these options is advantageous to you because you can then find a company that meets your specific needs, rather than a company only offering their own specific product. However, as good as this is, it can be confusing to decide on a particular company, given the wealth of information available. This is why HostReview is an invaluable tool in your search for website hosting companies.

HostReview maintains and presents a database of domain hosting reviews which can help you paint an accurate portrait of what it is like to do business with a particular web hosting company. This is very useful for you, as investing in a web hosting company is a considerable investment into the online presence for your brand. For your own needs, you will want reliability to handle varying amounts of traffic, as well as a certain degree of freedom to design and code the site how you would like it. But if something goes wrong, you will need to contact your web hosting company and get support from them, in order to restore your site. Make sure you see this referenced in the reviews you are reading. You need to know how this company handles both the good and the bad. Don't know much about web hosting to begin with? HostReview offers Featured Blogs which guide the reader into the world of web hosting. These guides, along with reviews and the active HostReview community that resides in the forums, are indispensable tools to have at your disposal when you are evaluating how to best structure your web presence.

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Featured Article:

Learning The Differences BetweenWebsite Hosting Companies Will Lead To Informed Decision Making

[Posted on April 28]

Because there are constantadvancements and evolutions made in the way business is done on the internet,there are always new companies starting up in hopes of capitalizing on thenewest trend or services that are in high demand. Web hosting is no exception.It's nearing a point where every business, regardless of industry, has a needfor a website of some kind.

Each of these businesses willrequire different things and have different expectations for how their websitewill be a part of their overall business model so choosing a web hostingcompany that is right for those requirements is something that should be takenseriously. Many make the mistake of only searching for cheap website hosting.This is a mistake because they often discover that while they saved money, theylimited themselves regarding the services they would have available and in thelong run, sacrificed revenue. There's also the old saying, “you get what youpaid for,” in this case, cheap website hosting can lead to poor overallservice, which no one wants.

That's not to say that all website hosting companies that offer affordable rates won't be able to provide thekind of services you require but make a decision based purely on cost is notadvised. The best way to learn about the various website hosting companies andwhat makes one different from another is by using HostReview as a resource. Wehave profiles on all of the major website hosting companies and many of thelesser known companies as well. In addition, you'll find that by readingthrough our reviews, you'll get unbiased looks at these companies, somethingyou won't get by visiting the sites of the companies directly.

Each month, HostReview lists various awards for these website hostingcompanies, so you can check back regularly to see how they rank among ourcommunity and we also present yearly awards which help you see which web hostshave done well for extended periods of time. If you're looking to get aspecific question answered but haven't been able to find it elsewhere onHostReview, we encourage you to enter the forums. There's ongoing discussionstaking place that provide a tremendous amount of insight into a variety oftopics in the web hosting world and it's the best place to get instant,interactive feedback when you've got an issue or question you've beenpondering.

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