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Rajat Sudan
Head Communication & Content at Netpro India
Head Communication & Content at Netpro India (SiteGeek.com) and Research Head at Adroit Communications. Specialties: Out-of-the-box strategic thinking is the ability to take hugely complicated subjects and make them understandable to most people. My biggest strength is seeing and sensing technology opportunities, then translating them into a vision, execution, and profit. On the editorial side I keep pulse on the hosting industry through different media. I also write full-feature articles, several blogs, and post on social media, also part of a very seasoned team of technology journalists.
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SSL Certificate a Must For The Website
by Rajat Sudan - 2015-12-15 06:51:32 in General Information

SSL Certificates are must for personal as well as business sites as information of any kind must be transmitted in a safe and secure manner between the client (browser) and server.