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Debbie Fletcher
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Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of different magazines and news publications over the years. Graduating from City University London specialising in English Literature, Debbie's passion for writing has since grown. She loves anything and everything technology, and exploring different cultures across the world. She's currently looking towards starting her Masters in Comparative Literature in the next few years.
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5 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing The Workplace
by Debbie Fletcher - 2019-06-18 11:06:39 in General Information

Businesses now have no choice but to embrace fast-moving technological advances, not only to derive benefit from them but also to stay competitive. Technology often brings with it a price tag and a learning curve, but the good news is that innovation doesn’t always have to be expensive so smaller organizations can benefit along with their larger competitors.


Don’t Give In To Ecommerce Fraud: Everything You Need To Know About Chargeback Prevention
by Debbie Fletcher - 2018-04-10 04:39:39 in e-commerce

Ecommerce fraud is alive and well; but how do you stay protected? Preventing chargebacks can be a challenge, but prevention is key.


Industrial Game Changer: How The IoT Is Rewriting The Rules Of Maintenance
by Debbie Fletcher - 2018-01-30 04:27:51 in Customer Service

Is the IoT of things changing the rules of maintenance, for the better? Do we know the impact, or effect?


Sharp Spike In Global DDoS Attacks: Where Are We Headed?
by Debbie Fletcher - 2017-12-21 11:23:15 in Technical Support

With the spike in global DDoS attacks, what's to come for 2018? Security experts are predicting the worst; but what could that look like?


Support Bots: Not Just Another Trend, Truly A Revolution
by Debbie Fletcher - 2017-01-19 08:43:32 in General Information

Considering that an improved customer experience (CX) is a top priority for every organization in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, “revolutionary” is proving to be the best word to describe an endlessly adaptable, scalable technology that can fundamentally change the face of customer engagement.


SSL Slowdown: The Downside Of A Super Secure Website (and How To Avoid It)
by Debbie Fletcher - 2016-11-11 05:00:27 in Technical Support

Whether you’re adding an alarm system to your home or putting nachos in a lockbox because you just can't control your late night cravings, you probably realize that adding more security to something not only adds more protection, but it also adds to the amount of time it takes to access whatever you've secured.