Aman Mishra

Aman Mishra
CEO and co-founder at TechGropse

Aman Mishra is the CEO and co-founder of a company named TechGropse; Mobile application development company. He is an active participant in the open-source collaborative ecosystem with many years of experience in mobility solutions and implementation. For more information related to mobile app development trends you can contact me.

Posts by Aman Mishra

What Makes Blockchain The Super-Technology?
by Aman Mishra - 2020-11-12 10:42:15 in General Information

Blockchain has improved the services in various sectors from finance to education. It depends on its three different models: distributed ledger, decentralized, and digitalized. This is considered the most secure system. It contains the record of all transactions that enable finance to enable the sector to easily manage their transactions.


Most Talked Trends Of Mobile App Development In 2020
by Aman Mishra - 2020-03-31 07:44:52 in General Information

Over recent years, mobile apps have gone through an interesting phase of development where they have transformed our lives dramatically with their immense popularity and widespread utilization.