8 Best Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks For 2021

2020-12-14by Aman Mishra

We are so engaged in mobile apps nowadays that we forget to learn how it is possible to use the same app on different devices. In the market, there are multiple devices so it becomes difficult for developers and app development companies to launch apps for different mobile devices. Technology is a blessing that allows developers and app development companies to make apps that are compatible with multiple devices. Today, we will talk about 8 cross platforms app development frameworks.


Developers and app development companies in Kuwait build cross platforms apps now.  But before that let us understand what do we mean by cross platforms. Developers make apps for different platforms with the help of Javascript, React Native, and Dart for Flutter. The cross-platform development helps to reduce the cost of app development, total time spent, and resources. It makes apps efficient and well-performing. The coming of cross-platform made the work easy for various companies and their employees.


Now, employees can work from their home from the same app no matter which device they are using. Developers face problems to integrate apps into different platforms. So this is why the term cross-platform app development came into existence. The time has come when there is a trend for web application development and technologies are being focused. There are some approaches like hybrid apps, progressive web apps, windows universal apps,etc. that allows apps to run on different devices.


8 Cross Platforms App Development Framework


1. Phone Gap

The phone gap or Apache Cordova is the framework that allows you to build cross-platform apps. It provides the FOSS atmosphere that allows cross platforms apps to work. There is a team called Apache Cordova behind all the processes. The framework consists of some tools, debugger, compiler, and its web technologies are Javacsript, CSS3, and HTML5.


2. Rho Mobile

This framework is an open-sourced framework that can work on multiple devices like iOS, android, windows, RIM, Symbian etc. The framework is based on Rhodes, which means ruby. Ruby is a programming language that provides RhoHub. The developers make the apps with the help of the Ruby language. It is not a dependent server and allows developers to make apps for different platforms.

3. ionic

 The ionic is a framework where developers use its language to develop apps. The ionic uses HTML5 to make hybrid apps. You can hire developers who can use ionic frameworks to make apps that work on multiple devices. This is the best option to save time. It is an HTML 5 framework which is more beneficial than other apps like native.




Felgo is a cross-app development framework that works on the QT framework. Most developers use the QT framework which is a C++ structure. Felgo the framework increases QT with game elements and apps. Its features like Analytical tools, in-app purchases etc make it distinct. It saves 90 percent coding through Felgo.


5.  Xamarin

The platforms like windows, tablets, and mobile are developed through cross platforms like Xamarin. Its native UI company allows androids and windows to start quickly. In 2016, Microsoft took over Xamarin and changed its name to Xamarin SDK. The framework is native friendly and featured with HTML tools.


6.    Flutter

Flutter gives you a dynamic and quick cross app development platform. You have to put source code files into the Dart machine. There is a widget that gives you some features like full-fledged iOS, Android app, easy navigation, and scrolling. It is a React framework where elements can design, build, test, and debug your apps easily.


7.  Native Script

Native Scripts is like jotting down native apps with cross-platform ability in Angular, Javascript or Typescript. You want to build mini-apps or micro apps, this is the best option. Its features are Runtimes, Core Modules, CLI, and Plugins. The APIs of iOS and Android can be called through Runtimes.


8.  ReactNative

 Reactive is a framework that is open-source created by Facebook. It has its protocol ‘’Learn once, write everywhere. ” The base language called Javascript provides the functionality of native. As soon as you code your application, you integrate this framework into iOS and Android.



Since the cross-platform app development came into the market. Everyone can use all the available apps no matter which platform you use. Offices leverage their employees to work from home because there are multiple devices in the market so cross-app platforms allow apps to work on every device. This is a win-win situation for both management and employees. Not only offices but businesses can now take their business online ignoring platforms. Hope you find the article useful and informative.

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