Albert Smith

Albert Smith
Digital Marketer at Hidden Brains Infotech

Albert Smith is a digital marketing manager with Hidden Brains, a leading enterprise web & mobile app development company specializing in mobile & web applications, IoT, cloud and big data services. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.

Posts by Albert Smith

Is Full-Stack Developer A Vaccine For Businesses?
by Albert Smith - 2022-10-17 11:29:54 in General Information

If you're looking for a developer that can help your business grow using technology, then full stack developer is the best choice.


Mean Stack Vs PHP: Which One Is Better To Learn
by Albert Smith - 2022-05-13 05:18:15 in General Information

Which one MEAN stack or PHP is the best programming language for development? A detailed comparison of PHP vs MEAN stack will help to make the right decision.


How And Where To Host Mobile App Backend
by Albert Smith - 2021-09-14 07:55:38 in General Information

In this article, we shall cover in-depth details of all the available options for mobile app backend hosting.