Mean Stack Vs PHP: Which One Is Better To Learn

2022-05-13 by Albert Smith

Over the years businesses have had introduced some other mobile apps or web apps of their own to streamline their business process and operations, improve their efficiency, decrease costs, and reach out to maximum customers. Hiring mean-stack programmers and hiring dedicated PHP programmers is the need of all businesses for now. Below is brief information about Mean stack ad PHP and which is better to learn.


Mean stack is essentially free and is an open-source JavaScript software stack that holds a lot of importance in the development of dynamic web applications and even websites. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. There is a never-ending debate on Mean stack VS PHP and which is better.


Easy Switching Between Client and Server

As the developers are allowed to write in one language essentially it makes it easier for them to develop mobile applications, the language is JavaScript and works for both the client and the server-side. A JavaScript developer can pretty easily manage the entire project with the assistance of the MEAN stack formula.

Isomorphic Coding

Transfer of the code to any other framework that is written particularly in one framework is essential and is made easier with the help of the MEAN stack. All this has made MEAN stack one of the leading technologies, full-stack development services have now begun to consider a wider range of technologies in MEAN to boost their transcendence in both app and web development projects.

Higher Flexibility

MEAN permits the mean web developer to easily test an application on a specific cloud platform with ease after successful completion of the whole development process. Applications easily can be developed and even tested after which they can be introduced into the cloud.


Possibility Of Losing Records

There are quite some claims that state that MongoDB is strongly consistent it can be changed sometimes. When there is a network error regarding a heavy load scenario then you are at the maximum risk of losing your data.

Unable To Beat Relational Database

MEAN stack when compared to the relational database has not proved a similar level of functionality. Relational databases remain the first choice for bigger companies such as Google and Facebook because it is stable and reliable.

Security Issues

Many companies such as Google are providing a framework and also the runtime environment for the MEAN that is normally considered as a less safe standpoint of data security. The fact remains intact that it is the oldest core software within the particular architecture which means it can be the first target for hackers.

Php Development

PHP is an essential programming language that serves the purpose of server-side scripting that is majorly developed for website development. You can hire dedicated PHP programmers to complete tasks for you. The programmers can very conveniently embed the code written in a particular server-side programming language into HTML codes. In the debate between Mean stack VS PHP let’s have a walkthrough about PHP.



PHP is essentially an application that can very easily run-on various platforms. The important factor about this particular aspect is that the developer does not have to worry about the user’s operating system. PHP hosting service providers for server-side scripting can be found conveniently.


PHP has been in the market for over two decades now, all this while there have been various developers that have constantly worked on the application so that the usage is improved. A lot of bugs have been discovered in these years and have been fixed.


A very crucial aspect of web development is speed and web development services consider that to be an integral part of the application. PHP is liked and loved by all the users and developers because it is quite fast and helps in loading websites faster than others.



The basic need for security of a website cannot be ignored, the open-source nature of this language serves both as a blessing and a curse. Anyone can view your source code of PHP. Hence companies should hire dedicated PHP programmers who can take care of the security.

Bad Error Handling

The developers often believe that PHP development has bad error handling quality. It has a shortage of debugging tools and you have to look for errors and warnings as well. PHP in a nutshell has very few debugging tools.

Lesser Option For Core Behaviour Modification

Other than being and proving that PHP is a simple and basic structure for web development, PHP’S framework accelerates custom web development. PHP developers still however lack at making different changes to the entire code behavior of these various frameworks.


When it comes down to web development there will always be a never-ending debate on Mean stack VS PHP however you now have information that can help you choose which to use.

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