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If you are on the road working for your business, you need access to the major forms of communication. This especially means having email access, either on your laptop or on your phone. While some companies still limit their employees to log in at work, Exchange hosting makes it possible for those working on the road to access their email and sync them with their inboxes at work, eliminating one of the major technological pitfalls associated with working on the road. If you are interested in setting up Exchange hosting for your company, HostReview can help you get there, from start to finish. This is exactly the type of help that many inexperienced administrators of companies need to create; a strong, productive Web presence that avoids the major pitfalls and errors committed by so many companies today.

HostReview has a Featured Blogs section which has many guides and step-by-step articles devoted to setting up various kinds of web hosting, including Exchange hosting. Once you know how Outlook Exchange works, your next step is to find the best company for your needs. HostReview offers a database full of reviews on various website hosting companies, allowing you to analyze each company's offering and compare it to what you are looking for. You can also browse the large number of companies available by category, or you can look at which companies have won some of HostReview’s annual or monthly awards. Still having trouble deciding, or having difficulty figuring out how it works? Visit HostReview forums, which is a great place to find many active members of the HostReview community, and post the question there that you would like an answer to. With their help, you will find the answers you need, so that you can avoid making a possible business mistake by choosing the wrong company. Email is a critical aspect of doing business today - and a credible exchange hosting company can make this aspect of doing business run much more smoothly than problems that would arise from the wrong hosting company.

That's exactly the type of mistake that HostReview tries to help you avoid every single day.

If you want more information on Exchange hosting, or web hosting in general, contact HostReview today!


Featured Article:

Exchange Hosting Is A Common Way For Businesses To Provide Email To Employees But There Are Other Options

[Posted on July 28]

Companies in many different industries are finding that they need to have reliable business email hosting, otherwise they'll find that they have remote employees that aren't staying as connected as they should be. This isn't an option for the modern business as it's becoming a necessity that employees are able to check their email from anywhere, including on their smart phones. And this isn't something that's likely to change in the near future but rather, only become more prevalent as the technology and the landscape continue to evolve.

HostReview offers a tremendous amount of insight regarding business email hosting and the different approaches that can be taken by a company. Perhaps the most commonly used approach is through Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Windows tends to be the most widely used computer operating system, particularly in the corporate world, so exchange hosting makes sense in a lot of ways for many of companies. Because people are familiar with the Windows design and interface, Exchange hosting requires very little instruction for employees, if any at all. This is important to a company that doesn't have the budget or infrastructure to spend time training employees on a new system.

However, many companies have found that they prefer other options over Exchange hosting. One of those options is using a Linux email server. Linux is an operating system, like Windows, that has been around for years but it's actually completely free. A Linux email server also allows for a tremendous amount of customization, which is why it's so appealing to certain companies. Linux tends to appeal to a more computer savvy crowd but it's becoming more popular as others learn about the various benefits this approach provides. HostReview can give you some insight on what makes a Linux email server different or even better, than Exchange hosting.

Regardless of the type of business email hosting you ultimately choose, it should be a decision that's made after a lot of research and consideration. By using the resources available at HostReview, you will not only be able to learn about the different approaches to business email hosting, but you'll be able to see which web hosting companies are best able to match your business' needs. Our company profiles will allow you to easily compare your options and if you have any specific questions, you can get quick feedback by posting them in the HostReview forums.

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