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While many businesses use email servers in conjunction with proprietary systems, such as an Outlook Exchange system, some may prefer the control that they command with a Linux email server. A Linux email server allows you to install your own email handling software, and you are not at the mercy of what another company might want to do with your email. In addition to the added security, a Linux email server is also free - at least the software is. Linux is a free system, though the web hosting plan will not be free, though you will not have to pay additional for the software. Using a Linux email server you can program and install your own spam filters, and set it up on a server that you can access from anywhere, if you so desire. Many website hosting companies offer the option to install a Linux email server, but what’s the difference and how do you intelligently choose among the many?

The answer is in the resource HostReview. HostReview allows you to compare and contrast various web hosting providers so that you can determine which is the best web hosting provider for your needs and budget. In addition to comparing the facts, HostReview also contains a large database of reviews of web site hosting companies, so you can read their reviews and learn and benefit from the experiences of others. This is a quick and easy way to get an overall picture of how a particular company performs. In addition to all of this information, HostReview hands out awards to the top performing companies on a monthly and annual basis. This helps you see who is doing the best work in the industry, so you can make a smart choice also based on a consistent history. Finally, you can pose questions to the HostReview community in the forums, so that you can receive assistance that is specific to your issue and not just a generic answer.

Setting up a Linux email server can be a bit demanding, although the benefits to your business will be plentiful. Contact HostReview today to see the available plans offered by various companies so you can make a fully informed decision.


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Learn About Linux Email Server If You’re Interested In Alternatives To Microsoft Exchange

[Posted on Aug 25]

By this point in time, most companies have some kind of business email hosting in place that is used by their employees. Even when that’s the case, it doesn’t mean a company shouldn’t be exploring the other options that are available. This is especially true if they’ve been using the same business email hosting for years and aren’t even aware of the advancements that have been made since that time. Simply remaining content means that you’re potentially missing out on something that might make your company more productive or just save you money.

The most common form of business email is with Microsoft Exchange hosting. Because Windows is the standard operating system used in most business settings, companies often choose exchange hosting by default. They’re confident that it won’t take much, if any, training for their employees because most are familiar with the Windows interface. In fact, many people aren’t even aware that there are alternatives to Exchange hosting. By visiting HostReview, you’ll both see that there are these alternatives and be able to learn what makes them different and in some cases, what makes them better for your specific needs.

Linux is an operating system that has been around almost as long as Windows but isn’t nearly as prevalent. Those who use Linux swear by it, where as many don’t know of its existence. Perhaps the most notable difference between Linux and Windows is that the former is free. That alone piques the interest of some but it’s generally the much higher level of customization that is possible that ultimately attracts people to the system and why some companies have moved to Linux email server. It should be noted that hosting of a Linux email server will not be free, but the software itself is.

With Linux email hosting, you can set up very specific spam filters, which can mean a higher level of security. If you’re considering Linux email hosting, then you need to be sure you have the qualified staff to provide support when it’s needed, which isn’t always as easy as finding staff that are knowledgeable on Exchange hosting. If you have questions related to a Linux email server or any kind of business email hosting, then you’ll be able to get those answers at HostReview, including more immediate feedback by visiting the HostReview forums. Being informed as much as possible is the best way to ensure you’ve got the best hosting solutions for your company.

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