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If you work in a small business, you may use Outlook Exchange for a lot of your communication needs. Outlook Exchange is a service provided for those companies that do not have the infrastructure or the time to manage a full or elaborate email solution, so it is outsourced. Everyone has access to Outlook Exchange through Microsoft Outlook, which can also share calendars, folders, and contact databases. You can even have multiple Outlook clients for yourself - on your phone, on your computer, and even on the Web. This is very advantageous for companies who also need access to their email inboxes while on the road. But how do you get set up with Outlook Exchange? One way is to have a “hosted exchange,” where your Exchange server is provided by your web hosting company. To get started in finding the company that can provide you with an Exchange server and reliable email access, look no further than HostReview.

HostReview is a site devoted to domain hosting reviews, so if you are changing hosting companies or are looking to start a new web site for your business, HostReview has all the resources available for you to take advantage of when looking for new information on website hosting companies including ones specializing in Outlook Exchange services. In addition, HostReview has an active and helpful community of users who are also devoted to web hosting, and a forum for you to browse and ask questions so that you can find the detailed help that you need to get your web site off the ground and on the Web. The Featured Blogs are a great place to find various guides to different topics related to web hosting as well. Add to that the various categories used to organize the database of web hosting companies, and HostReview has everything you need to make an informed decision on where you need to get your web hosting.

For more information on web hosting, and to look at Outlook Exchange servers and services, contact HostReview today!


Featured Article:

Outlook Exchange Is One Of The Most Popular Email Solutions For Businesses Of All Types

[Posted on April 4]

Businesses all over the world are turning to HostReview to help them learn more about the different aspects of web hosting so that they're able to make informed decisions that will help their company grow and prosper. Anyone familiar with the with the internet knows that things change constantly and staying up to date on those changes is crucial to ensuring your business doesn't fall behind. Whether it's keeping track of the latest features offered by web hosts such as Go Daddy, Verio, Host Gator and others or the differences between types of web hosting, such as using a dedicated server versus a shared server or using virtual private servers, HostReview offers a tremendous amount of insight.

One example of an area that businesses trying to stay current on is using Outlook Exchange for their company email. Email has obviously become an essential part of the daily operations of most companies but that doesn't mean every company has the infrastructure or resources necessary to efficiently manage their own email system. This is why these companies look for outside solutions and perhaps the easiest way is with Outlook Exchange. Microsoft Outlook is a standard part of Windows and so any computer that is running that operating system is already set up for Outlook Exchange, which is why it's one of the more popular methods of email.

The benefits of using Outlook Exchange are numerous. In addition to email, calendars, contact databases and folders can be shared not to mention that users can set up multiple clients. This allows for people to access Outlook Exchange in ways beyond just their computer, such as on their phone or mobile device. For companies that have employees traveling on the road, these features give them a tremendous amount of freedom, especially compared to just a few years ago.

In order to get your email set up with a Outlook Exchange, you'll need to determine which of the website hosting companies is able to give you the option of a hosted exchange and then which of those web hosts will fit your needs best. This is where HostReview can really become helpful. Our Featured Blogs and company profiles will give you non-biased looks at the different web hosts which will provide you the insight you need to make the best investment for you company as it pertains to Outlook Exchange.

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