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You may have heard of cloud computing, and you may even understand it, but there’s always more to know in the fast changing world of Cloud Hosting technology - also referred to as cloud computing. For starters, cloud computing refers to keeping your important files and documents online, or “in the cloud”, rather than on your own hard drive. Cloud hosting, then, involves hosting your web site on multiple servers, rather than on one server. This differs from shared server space, where your web site's workload is shared with other web sites, or dedicated server space, where your entire web site is run on one server by itself. Using cloud hosting, the workload is balanced among multiple servers, reducing the downtime and increasing the stability of your web site. Additionally, cloud hosting can provide the resources to add servers very quicly so as to dramatically expand and increase your site’s ability to handle a massive influx of traffic, perhaps for a weekend, and then diminish back to usual on Monday. But while this can be a very advantageous method for hosting your web site, few people truly understand what cloud hosting is about and how it works. HostReview offers many resources to educate the average person about cloud hosting/cloud computing and determine if it might be needed by your company or not.

HostReview actually offers much more than just resources on cloud hosting. It features reviews of most all of the major website hosting companies: from Host Gator to Yahoo web hosting, you can find opinions and details on all of these companies in one abundant and easy to navigate resource. In addition to all these review, HostReview also ranks companies based on their specialties and assigns monthly and annual awards to the best in each class. Plus, the active HostReview user community forums provides the opportunity to converse with knowledgeable people in the web hosting industry, plus their Featured Blogs are a readily available place to access guides on various hosting subjects, increasing your own knowledge on the types of hosting offered. These features make HostReview not only a quick and convenient place to find reviews of hosting companies, but also a valuable resource for those looking to expand their knowledge on web hosting in general.  With this added knowledge one is, of course, better equipped to increase the services they provide to their clients - as well as the options they can provide for their own web site.

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Cloud Hosting Is One Of The Latest Innovations In The Web Hosting Community And Offers A Number Of Benefits

[Posted on April 25]

Those that visit HostReview in order to stay updated on advancements in the web hosting industry have begun to learn about cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a term that is associated with cloud computing, something that has garnered a lot of media attention in recent years. The concept behind cloud hosting is one that involves a site being hosted across multiple servers. This isn't to be confused with a shared server in which a single server is shared between multiple sites.

With cloud hosting, the resources needed to host a website are distributed across more than one server and can be routed accordingly when needed to ensure stability. This is important for a business that operates a website that could see a spike in activity and can't afford to have the site go down, especially at such a crucial point. This ability is ideal for sites that expect shorter periods of high volume traffic and want the ability to expand the resources during that period but have them return to normal afterward.

Cloud hosting isn't right for all businesses or sites but if it's worth looking into for those that are looking to launch a website or expand their online presence. By reading about cloud hosting and other types of web hosting at HostReview, you can learn the pros and cons of these various methods to determine which offers the best overall value for your purposes. Once you discover which type of web hosting you want to utilize, you'll need to figure out which of the website hosting companies can provide that type and help you maximize your investment.

That process can be done at HostReview as well. You can read through our company profiles and reviews and also view our monthly and annual awards tosee how the different web hosting companies stack up to each other. While Host Gator and Verio are among the companies that provide web hosting services, you may discover that they aren't what you're looking for and opt for another company, such as Go Daddy or Yahoo web hosting. Not all companies are going to offer cloud hosting, so if that's something you've decided will give you the kind of flexibility you need, you'll want to find a web host that will provide you with that service. When you make a poor choice regarding your webhosting service, you may find that to be a costly mistake which is something you definitely want to avoid.

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