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Best Dedicated Server

Best Dedicated Server Package awards show those companies that offer outstanding performance and value for dedicated servers.Included in the reviewing process are the price, technology, reliabilty and overall performance of the hosting company.


Aplus.Net does not compromise on the quality of our backbone connection to the Internet. They are "multi-homed" and employ direct optical links to the major Internet backbones. Their Data Center is located in San Diego Tech Center campus - a meeting point for 10 major carriers including MCI, Level3, AT&T, Time Warner, SBC, XO Communications, and Williams.


Verio is the world's largest hosting company. Backed by a Global IP Network, Verio’s hosting solutions offer your business a scalable, reliable solution that offers unique flexibility and control and will grow as your business needs grows.


HOSTIK business-class dedicated hosting solutions offer each customer a comprehensive web hosting platform which includes all required hardware, software, networking systems and technical support necessary to successfully operate the web site. These dedicated servers are housed in our state of the art DataNOC™ Data Center.

Cheetah Solutions

Cheetah Solutions LLC. was founded in early 1999 as a local web design company. The company quickly made the transition to Web Hosting.


GlobalServers is dedicated to maintaining its standards. Each GlobalServers web server is a 2.4Ghz dual-CPU Xeon machine, with 4GB of RAM, and a massive 1 terabyte RAID 5 disk array with hot-swappable drives and a hot spare.


MySiteSpace is dedicated to being a leading web site hosting provider for your personal and business needs. Don't let the cheap prices fool you, with facilities in North Carolina, Texas and South Dakota MySiteSpace offers some of the most generous, feature-rich and reliable web hosting plans available.


The Best Windows Hosting - now featuring Windows 2008. Intermedia is not like other Windows hosting providers. We give you the absolute latest tools, technologies and controls, without limitations.


Cyberax Tech's hosting is extremely reliable services and support have earned us the reputation of the premiere provider of Web hosting solutions among thousands of customers, allowing us to maintain an outstanding Customer Retention Rate - one of the highest in the industry.


Ilisys Web Hosting is Australia's largest Linux hosting company. Since 2000, Ilisys has delivered on its commitment to deliver a world class hosting service to Australian small businesses.


Since 1998, WestHost Inc. has been offering quality web hosting services. The company developed as a leader in the industry and have helped thousands of businesses all over the planet take advantage of low cost internet services to become more successful, efficient, and competitive.

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