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Here Is How Cloud Adoption Can Help Businesses Transform Their Model

By Andrej Kova?evi?

Whether you own a small business that’s just starting out, or you’ve been on the market for a while, there’s probably one subject that you could not escape for the past few years: cloud adoption. It seems like every business nowadays is becoming cloud-based, so you might be thinking that there are a bunch of benefits to this decision. And you are not wrong by any means, but do you know what are these benefits?

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Cloud Hosting & Services Directory

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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are a cost effective virtual hosting solution that gives you more scalability and flexibility than standard dedicated hosting

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a private resource network using the benefits of scalability and redundancy that a cloud can offer

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Hybrid Cloud

With Hybrid hosting, you get both the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting combined to offer an optimized solution

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Enterprise Cloud

The best option for companies that want to focus less on IT operations and use their high-level technical people for important business goals

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Managed Cloud

Managed cloud hosting has the security and reliability of private cloud hosting, but it is as cost efficient as a public cloud

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Cloud Computing News

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CloudLinux Announces Live Updates For Devices On Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

CloudLinux announces that its automated, live kernel patching service KernelCare can be deployed with Microsoft making it possible to update entire networks of devices and apply security patches without having to halt operations or restart devices.

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Public Cloud Revenues To Hit $338B In 2021, A 25% Jump In A Year

The cloud computing market has witnessed impressive growth in recent years, with billions of private and business users taking advantage of the on-demand technology.

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