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5 Cloud Security Resources That You Should Be Using

By Ankit Thakor

Cloud computing has revolutionized digital storage completely. Not long ago, we used floppy disks to store our data, which later evolved to compact discs and flash drives, and now we have cloud computing where our data is stored in a massive database. This indicates that we have come a long way in terms of optimizing digital storage.

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Cloud Hosting & Services Directory

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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are a cost effective virtual hosting solution that gives you more scalability and flexibility than standard dedicated hosting

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a private resource network using the benefits of scalability and redundancy that a cloud can offer

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Hybrid Cloud

With Hybrid hosting, you get both the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting combined to offer an optimized solution

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Enterprise Cloud

The best option for companies that want to focus less on IT operations and use their high-level technical people for important business goals

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Managed Cloud

Managed cloud hosting has the security and reliability of private cloud hosting, but it is as cost efficient as a public cloud

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Cloud Computing News

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Microsoft And Darktrace Partnership Extends Autonomous Cyber Defense Across The Cloud

Darktrace, a leading autonomous cybersecurity AI company, today announced that it has joined forces with software giant Microsoft. The partnership provides mutual customers with enterprise-scale, self-learning AI that detects and autonomously responds to cyber-threats.

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CloudLinux Announces Live Updates For Devices On Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

CloudLinux announces that its automated, live kernel patching service KernelCare can be deployed with Microsoft making it possible to update entire networks of devices and apply security patches without having to halt operations or restart devices.

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