Dhanesh Haridas

Dhanesh Haridas
CTA & Co-founder at Epixel MLM Software

Dhanesh Haridas, co-founder and CTA at Epixel MLM Software has been designing and developing enterprise-level software solutions for more than 12 years. Has expertise in eagerly studying emerging technologies and relating how they can be integrated into different environments. His areas of interest include cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, IoT, AI, BI, software development, etc.

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Big Data & The Direct Selling Industry, What’s The Connection?
by Dhanesh Haridas - 2020-06-30 05:42:20 in General Information

The direct selling industry contributes a major part in the world’s economy and the distributors often choose it as a part-time or full-time earning source. If its popularity is too high in the world market, there arise lots and lots of complexities.