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2012-04-17 by Abegail Mark

You have invested out the extra amount to get a dedicated server to become a big hosting service provider in the market. Dedicated Servers open’s up the doors of potential business growth with sufficient amount of bandwidth, storage space, processing speed and number of websites to be hosted. Just before you have finalized the hosting options, have you still confused with kind of dedicated server service you should take as Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is complicated question to answer depending upon your plans and skills to manage the server. Choosing one of the services can affect the future of your business so we are compiling this handy guide of both of services it will help you to choose your way.

One of the foremost differences between unmanaged and managed dedicated servers is that in managed servers, its host who has entire responsibility of making all changes that are required or resolve the issues which come time to time while in unmanaged dedicated servers it will be you who have the whole burden on your shoulders such as troubleshooting the problems, maintenance, making security rules and all. In case if anything goes wrong there will be no one who will help you, this seems to be a big downside but one of the benefit that you will have a complete control over whatever happens on your server and you can even fine tune the server with several applications according to your will.

In a managed dedicated server everything is look after by the hosting company itself. They are the one who will do all the required configurations, security implementation, updating time to time the OS and applications. This will keep you free from many, time consuming problems and let you focus on your business strategies and marketing. One, of the other big benefit that you will get is that you can call your host any point of time to make required changed or application installation and he will do it for you mean’s you have power of king.

Now if you want to decide which is going to be right for you, you need to keep several important points in your mind. If you are busy man and have very less or no time to make changes time to time and look into server every time a problem comes you should definite opt for managed dedicated servers. If you can’t afford to hire a good system administrator who will look at your server or you are short of technical knowledge regarding the server better to choose managed services as lots of small and big problems come time to time. However if you are good at the server management keep the power in your hand and also save some money. Or if you have resources to invent you can also hire a system admin to look all server work. With dedicated server you have freedom to sale any amount of Linux hosting reseller, windows hosting reseller, VPS hosting, PHP web hosting, Linux shared hosting. Many web hosting companies are getting their dedicated servers now you can be one of them.

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