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Abegail Mark

Abegail Mark is the author of this article. She has been demonstrating her writing skills by writing the articles for Linux hosting reseller providers like Webindiahost since last two years. She is also used to write good articles for PHP web hosting.

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What Is Virtual Private Server?
by Abegail Mark - 2012-05-18 01:28:04 in Basics

Virtual Private Server or VPS are a little complicated to understand by common people as compared to dedicated severs, usually because dedicated servers are most commonly known as private computer kept at a Datacenter. VPS are quite a bit different from dedicated servers in a way that instead of running a single hosting account or website on one high configuration server, many small or mid configuration servers can be built on it which will share a single server.


How To Make Money As Web Hosting Reseller?
by Abegail Mark - 2012-05-16 01:22:14 in Reseller Hosting

Web Hosting is becoming a profitable and fast growing business for new and upcoming entrepreneurs. To start such a web hosting business, you just have to setup a website of web hosting company and become a reseller of hosting services, i.e., a web hosting service provider to web developers and website owners. In this business you are a service provider who is purchasing web space from a large web hosting company and reselling this space to different website owners.


Managed Or Unmanaged Server Big Issue
by Abegail Mark - 2012-04-17 04:15:50 in Choose your Host

You have invested out the extra amount to get a dedicated server to become a big hosting service provider in the market. Dedicated Servers open’s up the doors of potential business growth with sufficient amount of bandwidth, storage space, processing speed and number of websites to be hosted. Just before you have finalized the hosting options, have you still confused with kind of dedicated server service you should take as Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?


How To Make Money From Web Hosting Business?
by Abegail Mark - 2012-04-11 02:16:57 in General Information

Web Hosting is one of the critical requirements of today’s world for online identity and promoting business to masses. It allows people to host website over internet so everyone can access it easily. With web hosting you also get emails with the name of your company so that you will have a business identity and differentiate you from others


Tips For Choosing Best Web Hosting Services
by Abegail Mark - 2012-03-27 02:26:27 in Choose your Host

If you are planning to build a website for your business, to make your online identity, to promote your company, you need to buy a domain name and a web hosting to keep the web pages online. There are lots of hosting providers on internet from where you can take web services.