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Rapidscale Hires Susan Eakle As Vice President Of National Accounts


RapidScale, a leader in managed cloud solutions, welcomes Susan Eakle to the team as Vice President of National Accounts. Susan will take over leaders ...

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RoseASP Announces 97.5% Customer Retention For Dynamics SAAS & IAAS


RoseASP, a provider of audit-ready hosting services for Microsoft business customers and partners, had a 97.5% customer retention rate in 2015, a 0.1% ...

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DataLocker Acquires IronKey Enterprise Management Services (EMS) And Other Assets From Imation


DataLocker, Inc., a leading provider of encryption solutions, announced that the company in cooperation with Kingston Digital, Inc., the flash memory...

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ProfitBricks Partners With Pax8 For Exclusive US Distribution


ProfitBricks, the leading provider of painless cloud infrastructure, today announced a partnership with Pax8 that will make the cloud services enabler ...

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User Recommended

Datasoft Networks

I have been with many different web hosts over the years and I'm voluntarily writing this review because I am really happy with Datasof...

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I wrote this review because I wish all of you the best. ServerSub.com really very excellent service with affordable prices.1- They ...

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I have been using xozz.com hosting for my company email and website i am fully happy with their services and support when i require any...

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1&1 Internet Inc.

I'm not sure why you guys are having negative experience with 1&1. I have at least 35 websites (CMS driven sites) running with 1&am...

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their IT Systems

by Anica Oaks on2016-02-09

In the modern workplace, the IT system often serves as the backbone of daily operations. When something goes wrong with the IT side of the operation,...

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How To "Nudge" Your Business Back To Better Mobile Security

byLee Carnihan on2016-02-09

Increasingly, businesses large and small, rely on mobile devices to run their operations and deliver more flexible customer service. Many businesses a ...

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Mobile Web App Development With JQuery Mobile - Pros, Cons & Alternatives

byAaliya Choudhry on2016-02-08

As the name indicates, jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized framework developed based on jQuery library. It enables programmers to create mobile web app ...

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Is Python More Popular Than Ruby?

byHarri Srivastav on2016-02-04

Python and Ruby are two of the most popular new generation programming languages which are dynamically typed, scripting languages with strong support...

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