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Survey Highlights Concerns About Cloud Data Security

By Shah k

Cloud computing may be the future, but a recent survey shows that corporate IT is still wary of the security of data hosted by third parties. In a recent survey, just 38% of respondents feel secure sharing or collaborating on cloud platforms. "Despite concerns, most companies are allowing cloud services regardless of the risk they could pose to their data," says analyst Martin Schlembert at Vocalous Consulting.

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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are a cost effective virtual hosting solution that gives you more scalability and flexibility than standard dedicated hosting

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a private resource network using the benefits of scalability and redundancy that a cloud can offer

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Hybrid Cloud

With Hybrid hosting, you get both the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting combined to offer an optimized solution

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Enterprise Cloud

The best option for companies that want to focus less on IT operations and use their high-level technical people for important business goals

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Managed Cloud

Managed cloud hosting has the security and reliability of private cloud hosting, but it is as cost efficient as a public cloud

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Cloud Computing News

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Talari Launches Cloud Solution That Tackles Unreliable And Unpredictable Connections To The Cloud

Talari, a leading innovator in intelligent network solutions that transform the capabilities and reliability of the WAN by adding real-time intelligence to the network, today announced a solution that transforms public cloud access links into secure, reliable and manageable points on any wide area network (WAN). This new solution gives businesses the control and oversight they need to trust business-critical applications to the cloud.

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Cloud Storage Forecast: Sunny With A Strong Chance Of Hybrid

Avere Systems, a leading provider of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, today released the findings of an original cloud adoption study conducted at the 2014 Cloud Expo New York and the 2014 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit New York. More than half of the attendees surveyed (58 percent) indicated that they are building hybrid cloud solutions for their organizations, which is significant as many industries look to leverage the advantages of the cloud without having to rip out their existing computing and storage infrastructures. Aside from technology companies, the survey showed that life sciences and finance organizations were most interested in adopting cloud solutions.

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