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Several Backup Products Preferred By Modern Day IT Specialists
by Andy Chase - 2017-02-28 in Cloud Computing

Data protection is top priority. Whether it’s about safeguarding systems against viruses & hackers or ensuring that files & applications are securely backed up on a regular basis, it&rsq ...

Top 7 Web Hosting IPhone Apps For Webmasters
by Rachel Jackson - 2017-02-27 in General Information

It’s amazing how much you can get done from your smartphone! If you’re a webmaster who’s always on the go, we have curated a list of seven iPhone apps that you need to look into righ ...

6 Security SaaS Solutions You Never Knew You Needed
by Editor - 2017-02-23 in Cloud Computing

With a 40% increase in data breaches in 2016, it’s no doubt that enterprises need to buckle down on security more than ever before. This means that 2017 has to be the year to review all SaaS sol ...

Data Gravity In The Cloud Industry
by Priti Shetti - 2017-02-23 in Cloud Computing

Data gravity is a term coined by Dave McCrory stating that data keeps accumulating (building mass) and with that increases the probabilities of additional services and applications being attracted to...

The Next Level: 3 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business Grow
by Kara Masterson - 2017-02-22 in General Information

Today, there is clear evidence of ICT in every organization, whether in form of telephone, PC, network router, or tablet computers. ...

Web Design Concepts For Small Businesses
by Evans Walsh - 2017-02-21 in Marketing

Managing small businesses is an important and an integral part of maintaining the economy. Small businesses primarily cater to the needs and the requirements of a smaller geographical area (commonly l ...

Steps To Securing Customer Data From Damages
by Priti Shetti - 2017-02-20 in Cloud Computing

As organizations are more prone to external threats such as disaster, especially cyberthreats, it's crucial that organizations mark security as their topmost priority. From financial records to custom ...

Top 12 Methods To Increase User Engagement And Retention For Your App
by Moon Technolabs - 2017-02-16 in General Information

Studies suggest that users abandon 20% of Apps after using them just once, and have an average of 30 apps on their device at any point. Hence, it is important to develop your App in an engaging way th ...

Mobile App Vs Mobile Website A Comparative Analysis
by katey martin - 2017-02-15 in Basics

In the digital world, businesses nowadays are highly focused on attracting the mobile users as they happen to be the hotcakes for businesses to turn them into potential customers. If you also aim to a ...

GoDaddy Vs. Bluehost: Who Offers A Better Deal?
by lauren ebsary - 2017-02-14 in General Information

You cannot deny the fact that GoDaddy and Bluehost are two prominent giants from the web hosting realm. Generally, availing the services of either of these web hosting giants is great for your busines ...

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