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Are You Up To Speed On Mobile App Analytics?
by Adam Groff - 2015-02-25 in General Information

If your business has a mobile component to its website, then it's time to start thinking about mobile app analytics. That's right; your mobile app can take advantage of many of the same analytics tool ...

Time For An Online CRM Approach?
by Kate Supino - 2015-02-24 in General Information

The decision to take your CRM online or to continue to manage it in-house can be approached from a purely logical standpoint. In the end, whether you choose to use a service for online CRM is complete ...

These Industries Soaring With The Cloud
by Kate Supino - 2015-02-23 in Cloud Computing

Cloud applications are making it easier for industries to gain traction in ways they could never dream of before. Here are some well-known companies and industries that are embracing Cloud technology...

These 4 Failures Cause The Majority Of Website Crashes
by Editor - 2015-02-20 in General Information

According to Venture Beat, downtime costs the average small business $12,500 per hour. This figure means that if you create a business website that’s up 99.5 percent of the time, it’s down ...

Starting A Business? The Top Online Resources To Help You Get Started
by Editor - 2015-02-20 in General Information

How much is an hour of your time worth? Eighty-six percent of small business owners said an hour of their time is worth $50, according to a recent Google study—and 12 percent said it's worth a w ...

The Ten Commandments Of Cyber Security
by Jody Ma Kissling - 2015-02-19 in General Information

Today the need for effective cyber security simply cannot be ignored by business of all sizes. Yet, as technology becomes increasingly complex, even IT staffers can feel overwhelmed about security iss ...

Cloud Backup Service - Data Access And Protection Simplified
by Drew Fenway - 2015-02-18 in Cloud Computing

Different reports from authentic sources claim that 90% of businesses confront data backup problem and this has led to serious losses. From the above statement it is apparent that preserving data and...

Why Transition From Web Hosting To Cloud Isn't A Walk In The Park
by Goran Bogunovic - 2015-02-17 in Cloud Computing

With the advances of modern technologies, traditional hosting infrastructure is rapidly being replaced by the cloud. However, as recent reports sugest, many businesses are still struggling to implemen ...

MS SQL Hosting Services Helps Handling Even The Most Complex Website Structures
by Ricoh India - 2015-02-16 in General Information

The most referenced systems are MS Access, MS SQL, Postgre SQL, My SQL and Oracle. Going forward, we will be looking at pros and cons of ms sql database hosting and will also discuss the functions tha ...

Crypto PHP - A Malware From Which Most Web Hosting Companies Are Suffering
by Absar Naeem - 2015-02-13 in General Information

Internet usage all over the world is increasing with every passing day and as it is said with good, evil also comes; same has happened with rapid changes in technology world different viruses, malware ...

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