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Making Business Decisions: Dedicated Servers Or Cloud Hosted Servers
by Mark Johnsons - 2014-08-01 in Cloud Computing

Going into a business is all about making decisions. They pick one over the other everyday in the hopes of improving the entirety of the business - services provided and operations. The business depen ...

Is Cloud Computing Worth For Business?
by Sales Mantra CRM - 2014-07-31 in Cloud Computing

Now-a-days, when we think about IT and Software, the most common word comes to our mind is Cloud Computing. When we think of it, there are several questions come to our mind. What exactly is this Clou ...

Unlock Big Data's Potential For Your Business
by Joyce Morse - 2014-07-30 in General Information

There is a lot of talk about big data and how it can help businesses learn more about their customers and be more competitive. When an owner thinks about amassing all of that data and the effort requi ...

Rising Office Trends 2014 - An Infographic
by Editor - 2014-07-29 in General Information

Needa Shredder has put together an awesome infographic that you might find interesting. ...

Never Overlook Importance Behind Efficient Network Automation
by Adam Groff - 2014-07-28 in General Information

If it seems like you're doing more work than you should to ensure your network runs smoothly, then it's probably time to familiarize yourself with network automation. From automating manual tasks to o ...

A Quick Guide To Disaster Recovery In The Cloud From Bluelock
by Bluelock - 2014-07-25 in Basics

Create and implement the most effective DR strategy for your organization with the help of Bluelock’s action-packed guide to Disaster Recovery in the cloud. This helpful guide will help you set...

Understanding Flexibly Managed Security
by Mohammed Kazmi - 2014-07-24 in General Information

A security service provider supports businesses in their data processing, network, ecommerce and wireless needs. They work to get their client's needs and apply their expertise to protect information. ...

Trends In Cloud Computing
by Priya Saxena - 2014-07-23 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has undergone radical changes and has revolutionized the way companies do business Undeniably, this technology is being adopted at a rapid pace by companies owing to the benefits it ha ...

Hidden Perks Of The Cloud Computing
by Scott Louis - 2014-07-22 in Cloud Computing

The cloud computing have a number of advantages. Benefits such as time saving, cost saving, energy saving or storage on demand are written on the brochure or mentioned in the advertisement of the serv ...

Cloud Encryption: An Enterprise's Ideal Defense
by Adam Chriss - 2014-07-21 in Technical Support

Nowadays, new leaks, breaches, and hacks are ever present in media. New enterprises, companies, organizations in financial, healthcare, and technology sectors are facing such security and privacy prob ...

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