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Cloud And Its Battles
by Karthik V - 2014-08-22 in Cloud Computing

The battle for the dominance in the cloud industry is on, and the winner will be the one with maximum number of developers who influence the apps and innovations. Amazon is heading the crowd in the In ...

The Cloud And Container Based Hosting
by Jamin Andrews - 2014-08-21 in Cloud Computing

Choosing a web hosting solution isn't always easy. The good news is that you have many choices to pick from including hypervisor and container-based virtualization. Not sure which is which? Lets discu ...

Big Data And Its Impact On Your Website
by Tristan Anwyn - 2014-08-19 in Cloud Computing

Is it time to look at how big data and your website are getting along? Big data is still a popular buzzword and it's easy to see why - properly used, big data can offer useful insights for any busines ...

How To Boost Productivity With Cloud Services
by ERGOS Technology Partners - 2014-08-18 in Cloud Computing

Boosting productivity has the ability to save your company thousands of dollars. Whether you pay your employees hourly or with a salary, you want them to do as much work within an hour as possible. Cl ...

Cloud Vs On Premise EHR Systems: What Is The Right Prescription For Your Healthcare Organization?
by Eric Speidel - 2014-08-15 in Cloud Computing

The healthcare industry's computing needs are as varied as its providers. From electronic health records and HIPAA compliance to the myriad paperwork involved in practice management, it is essential t ...

Questions To Ask When Finding Cloud Services
by ERGOS Technology Partners - 2014-08-14 in Cloud Computing

Once your company has made the decision to take advantage of cloud services to organize your organization and boost productivity, you want to make every effort to work with the best company. There are ...

Why Is Everyone Moving To Cloud Backup?
by Drew Fenway - 2014-08-13 in Cloud Computing

It is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to store and protect business data. While the conventional logic is to save this on a physical disk such as external hard drive, it becomes very...

Why Your Business Should Host Your Website On Your Own Server
by Ian McGrath - 2014-08-12 in Basics

The web hosting industry today is quite sophisticated. With the advent of cloud hosting and distributed networks, it is now nigh impossible for a hackers to bring down a website. This is one primary r ...

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Cloud Computing
by Monique Craig - 2014-08-11 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be a great solution for small businesses to cut back on IT costs and increase their productivity. ...

Obtain Efficiency And Reliability With Colocations Services
by Priya Saxena - 2014-08-08 in Domain Names

In order to stay afloat in the business world, and rise above the cut throat competition, one has to make use of effective and reliable internet hosting. Such services are offered only by dedicated co ...

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