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Is Your Business Website A Target?
by Adam Groff - 2015-03-27 in General Information

Online security is a major concern for a variety of businesses, yet security breaches and hacking threats are quickly becoming commonplace. If you're worried your business's website is a target for cy ...

Cloud Server: A Progressing Need In Modern-Day Businesses
by Ricoh India - 2015-03-26 in Cloud Computing

The very idea of cloud hosting appears ubiquitous in present-day world as most of us are dependent on demand-based computing for the proper management of our digital lives surrounded with a variety of ...

For Better Conversion: Switch Your Hosting Provider In 2015
by Joy Mali - 2015-03-25 in Choose your Host

Every business, small or big, needs a website. Even if you are not running a business you might still want a website of your own. The first step of making your own website is to find a web host, the c ...

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?
by Dave Thomas - 2015-03-24 in Marketing

When you run a business, be it the smallest of the small or one of the largest of the large, proper communications is essential. ...

Business And Cloud Storage: Which Picks Are Your Best Bet
by Editor - 2015-03-23 in Cloud Computing

As you seek to grow your business and gain every advantage you possibly can, you probably have little doubt in your mind about the value of cloud computing. The cloud has taken over nearly every aspec ...

6 Tips For Small Businesses For Moving To Cloud
by Monique Craig - 2015-03-20 in Cloud Computing

Industry experts agree that in 2015, the cloud will become the norm at many companies – including small business looking for innovative ways to cut costs and provide better services. ...

Growing Importance Of Cloud Computing In Small Businesses
by Editor - 2015-03-19 in Cloud Computing

38% of the businesses that are implementing cloud computing are doing so to reduce their costs thus increasing the rate at which they can grow. The infographic also shows the way in which small busine ...

Why Are So Many Businesses Unprepared For A DDoS Attack?
by Andre Smith - 2015-03-17 in General Information

It’s only been a matter of weeks since the Sony pictures hack made major headlines. While it was the most high-profile hack of 2014, and was the only one to unleash the most hilariously apt emai ...

Cloud Hosting Vs. Traditional Hosting Explained
by Anand Srinivasan - 2015-03-16 in Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting is becoming popular among businesses because of its many advantages, especially when it comes to reliability and scalability. However, does it really provide significant benefits compare ...

Are Online Forms Safe? How To Know Who's Getting Your Information
by Jocelyn Baird - 2015-03-13 in Technical Support

When it comes to filling out an online form to sign up for a service or even apply for a credit card, we usually don't think twice before we start typing away. Although it's comforting to assume that...

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