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Cloud Service Brokers Emerge As Cloud Computing Skyrockets
by Lauren Ellis - 2014-09-16 in Cloud Computing

Cloud brokers act as middlemen serving customers and cloud providers. Cloud brokers aggregate several services, integrate them in a customized fashion within your applications in order to meet your de ...

Is Your Website In The Best Hands Possible?
by Adam Groff - 2014-09-15 in General Information

In today's technologically advanced environment, it's probably safe to say that your business's website is the heart of your operations. As such, it's more important than ever to make sure you have th ...

Some Trends In The Dedicated Server Hosting Market
by Ansh Dash - 2014-09-12 in Choose your Host

Web Hosting is the predecessor of ASP, browsers and cloud based data centers(offering IaaS and SaaS). Due to the huge bulk of data generated through 600 million websites across the globe, dedicated se ...

How Is Hybrid Cloud Storage Advantageous For A Company?
by Christina Jordaan - 2014-09-11 in Cloud Computing

Along with various market issues, a company has to face tremendous pressure in management of data storage. While organizing the expenditure on the infrastructure they have to keep storage their first...

Evolution Of Remote Server Monitoring
by David Bravo - 2014-09-10 in General Information

Remote server is a server used remotely on any location through authorised access. It is offers many services to system administrators as well as IT professionals to low their workloads. So, instead o ...

What The Future Of Cloud Computing Will Bring
by Mary Ann Keeling - 2014-09-09 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has evolved at a staggering rate. The ability for businesses and individual users to store, manage, and engage with data on a number of levels has transformed the entire web experience ...

Why Should You Take On Hybrid Cloud Solution For Your Business?
by Harry Warner - 2014-09-08 in Cloud Computing

With an exponential advancement in technology, businesses are becoming more and more concerned about streamlining their business operations. And, the emergence of cloud technology has undeniably made...

Fire Up An Effective Yet Affordable Website
by Tristan Anwyn - 2014-09-05 in Marketing

Your website is your online storefront, whether you are selling tangible products, or whether your business is more service-based. It's the place your customers come to find out who you are, what you...

10 Ways Hosting Effects SEO
by David Allison - 2014-09-04 in Marketing

With such a vast number of specialised SEO hosting companies claiming to help their customers climb Google search rankings, we firstly need to understand if there is any truth to these claims. Can hos ...

Why You Should Go With Remote Server Monitoring
by Nick Walker - 2014-09-03 in General Information

Server maintenance and monitoring is a process that should be continued round the clock. To ensure easy going for your business, reliability, high uptime, improved level of security are important for...

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