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A Checklist For Ensuring Email Newsletter Success
by Stephen Fontenot - 2014-12-22 in Marketing

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method for driving sales and establishing quality connections with prospects and customers. A company newsletter bolsters brand awareness, locks in customer loyalty ...

Think Your Business Is Too Small For Software? Five Applications That Will Help The Smallest Companies
by Dixie Somers - 2014-12-19 in General Information

Whether you own a small e-commerce store, or run a seasonal tax preparation service, no business is too small for software. Even if you have a small number of loyal customers, or you do most of the wo ...

4 Predictions For The 2015 IT Market Space
by Pat O'Day - 2014-12-18 in Cloud Computing

For 2014, I predicted cloud market consolidation and recalibration; disaster recovery becoming the new normal for businesses instead of an afterthought; and the need for a major “bang” for ...

Common Dos And Don'ts For Data Backup
by Drew Fenway - 2014-12-17 in Technical Support

If your business is largely dependent on data, you must understand the importance of backup and restore in Kansas City in order to assure complete security of all your data. Every business, regardless ...

Is Your Business Data Safe In The Cloud?
by Eric Speidel - 2014-12-16 in Cloud Computing

Highly publicized events like hacked celebrity photos, credit card data theft from major retailers, and confidential business data loss from large corporations have drawn into question the security of ...

Cloud Technology - Is It Really Worth The Investment?
by - 2014-12-15 in Cloud Computing

One of the most basic ways to explain cloud computing is that it allows computing from anywhere where there is an available internet connection. Some of the benefits of cloud computing includes enabli ...

Hosting For A Small Business
by Ian Campbell - 2014-12-12 in Choose your Host

This service is what allows your website to be visible on the internet, by providing an internet connection and space for you on their servers. The quality of the service determines the speed, perform ...

Things To Consider Before Picking A ERP Cloud Hosting Provider
by Harry Trott - 2014-12-11 in Cloud Computing

As a business grows, the complexity of the systems and resources involved increases. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool is paramount to ensure the budgeting and allocation of resources are don ...

Salesforce Service Cloud - Learn The Hottest Cloud Computing Customer Service Technology
by Jiya Verma - 2014-12-10 in Cloud Computing

Salesforce service cloud is a cloud based CRM application. Using this application, ERP consultants help companies provide answers to their customers in an efficient and streamlined fashion. Combining...

How Hackers Trick Users And Ways Companies Can Effectively Secure Data
by Tony O Hare - 2014-12-09 in General Information

Hackers have ways of effectively stealing data. If hackers can bypass security programs, such as Norton, and other network defences, encrypting emails may not help keep data safe. Company professional ...

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