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How Contemporary Cloud Backup Services Have Attracted Customers?
by Backuprunner Inc - 2014-11-27 in General Information

Cloud backup services enable users to take advantage of a special data backup plan for storing and protecting essential information in the remote server. Most commonly, the storage server is called "c ...

Who's Who Of OpenStack IaaS
by Maggie Kimberl - 2014-11-26 in Cloud Computing

Infrastrucuture as a service cloud providers are nothing new, but the platform they use is about to be revolutionized.  OpenStack is being worked on by some of the biggest names in cloud computin ...

Why Niche Hosting Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Website Owners
by Anand Srinivasan - 2014-11-25 in General Information

Web hosting is an extremely tough industry to be in with wafer-thin margins and cut-throat competition. According to figures published in the 2012 edition of the CIA World Factbook, there are nearly 9 ...

European Companies On Alert For IT Concerns
by Tristan Anwyn - 2014-11-24 in General Information

When it comes to IT and cyber security, European businesses need to be at the top of their game. Research by UK-based IT news siteComputer Weeklysuggests that IT-related security issues are the top se ...

Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Registration Company
by Saanvi Singh - 2014-11-21 in Domain Names

If you are into the business of making websites then you must be aware of the term domain registration and its importance ...

5 Deadly Mobile Conversion Mistakes You Should Avoid
by Monique Rivers - 2014-11-20 in Marketing

Optimizing the conversion rate of your website is a piece of cake as long as you stay on its desktop version. Entering the world of mobile, things can become pretty tricky. Mobile conversion is still...

Ways The Cloud Has Come A Long Way For Businesses
by Savannah Coulsen - 2014-11-19 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers virtual storage and applications to businesses who don't have the money or infrastructure in place to handle their own computing needs. Cloud-based storage and software solution ...

What To Do Before Leaving For The Cloud?
by Andy McCoy - 2014-11-18 in Cloud Computing

Moving IT field elements to the Cloud is a trend that can bring great savings in time and money to companies of any size. Before you make that move, however, one must be aware of a few points that may ...

Six Tips For Using The Digital Security As A Marketing Tool
by Vijay Web Solutions - 2014-11-17 in Marketing

With the increasing use of the internet for shopping, financial transactions, access to restricted documents and exchanges of confidential information, also raised concern and end-user demand for the...

Understand The Real Difference Between Shared Hosting And VPS Hosting
by Vakis Demetriou - 2014-11-14 in Basics

Websites have attained great significance nowadays than never before. More and more people and organizations are depending on websites for creating brand awareness in the minds of customers as well as ...

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