Infinitely Virtual Introduces New Printing And Scanning Options For Terminal Server Environment

09:52:11 - 13 August 2015

TSPrint from TerminalWorks Provides Driverless Printing, While TSScan Offers Seamless Remote Desktop Scanning

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Providing customers with the printing and scanning enhancements they need and want, Infinitely Virtual today unveiled TSPrint and TSScan from TerminalWorks (http://www.terminalworks.com), two robust new options under IV’s Virtual Terminal Server and Virtual Office Network plans.

In addition to making printing and scanning both easy and seamless, TSPrint and TSScan are optimized for mobile and take full advantage of Windows 2012. Existing users have the option of upgrading, and all users will pay less for both capabilities than for previous generation solutions. TSPrint is included with Infinitely Virtual’s InfiniteApp free of charge; on all other Virtual Terminal Server/Virtual Office Network plans, the cost is $6.49/user.

TSPrint is TerminalWorks’ remote desktop protocol printing software for all Virtual Terminal Server and Virtual Office Network plans. Quick to install and easy to use, TSPrint delivers remote desktop printing capability, boosting server stability without the need to install printer drivers on any terminal server. Users print directly to their local printers from the terminal server, without additional administrator time required for implementation or configuration.

TSScan – which includes fully TWAIN standard-compliant scanner mapping for terminal server installations -- lists all local imaging devices and makes them accessible on the user’s remote desktop server. Through advanced compression methods and Microsoft Virtual Channel technology, TSScan can be used on any kind of network. Because scanning can be done with no loss in image quality, TerminalWorks’ RDP scanning software is ideal even for enterprise environments. TSScan enables users to scan to any TWAIN application, or use the built-in TSSCAN GUI to scan directly to TIFF, JPEG or BMP.

“In one pass, we have significantly upgraded our remote printing capability for Terminal Servers and added real depth to the remote scanning experience,” said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual. “TSPrint offers driverless printing, ensuring that no matter where you are and what printer you have, you can print your documents -- fast. And just to make things even easier, you can now open documents stored on your terminal server with your local computer or transfer documents to your local computer, at the click of a mouse. With TSScan, you can use scanners attached to your local workstation on the terminal server as you would use them locally. That’s the very definition of seamless.”

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