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Serverhino is a German provider of affordable VPS hosting.

Our experienced engineers know how to build solutions that solve the tasks of the contemporary user. This is why working on personal or business projects with Serverhino is so easy.


VPS rental with Serverhino is an affordable choice. Our prices are lower than those of our competitors without any sacrifices in terms of the quality of equipment. We’ve been working in the industry long enough to know how to keep the balance between affordable prices and high performance. Serverhino also has a discount system; work with a powerful platform while saving money.


We’ve always been proponents of technological development, which is why we build our virtual servers using modern equipment only. The servers are located in high-tech data centers in Germany. Each data center is equipped with advanced security systems; client data is well-protected.


Every step of our cooperation with clients is quick and easy. The VPS will be activated within 5 minutes after the initial payment and the tech support team will get back to you in less than 1 hour. Contact us anytime; we’re available 24/7.


Serverhino products & services

Each VPS and DRS package includes:

  • deployment in a data center in Germany;
  • the installation of an OS of choice (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows Server Standard;
  • automatic backups;
  • DDoS protection.

IPv4 addresses are available by default; IPv6 addresses will be provided on-demand.


VPS (virtual servers). VPS configurations range from 1 vCPU core & 4 Gb of RAM to 16 vCPU cores & 64 Gb of RAM. The packages will be activated within 5 minutes after the initial payment. Each users gets root access to the VPS. The available network connection speed is up to 500 Mbit/s.


DRS (dedicated root servers). The DRS configurations range from 4 CPU cores & 24 Gb of RAM to 8 CPU cores & 64 Gb of RAM. The servers support nested virtualization. RAID 10 replication is used in the storage. The available network connection speed is up to 200 Mbit/s.


Backup storage. Packages with storage space from 100 Gb to 2000 Gb are available for rent. The storage is activated immediately after the initial payment. One FTP account supports up to 100 users. Each server uses RAID 10 replication.


Domain registration. Users can check the availability of a domain name and order it using the tool offered on the website. Domains in popular international zones, such as .com, .net, .ru and others, are available for rent. 

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