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GoGrid is the cloud hosting division of ServePath Dedicated Hosting, a company with extensive expertise and experience in web hosting infrastructure. The ServePath team wanted to develop a new kind of hosting solution to address the scaling needs of today’s businesses. Over the years, they have seen some of the limitations with dedicated servers and managed hosting. Virtual servers have been around for awhile and always seemed like a good idea, but somehow they always seemed to be not good enough. Through their experience in the dedicated server hosting market, extensive R&D in Xen-based grid technology, and needs of the many rapidly growing companies they serve, the answer became clear.

The answer is GoGrid, the first multi-tier, cloud computing platform that allows you to manage your cloud hosting infrastructure completely on demand through an intuitive, web interface.

ServePath is a leading dedicated server provider and pioneer in providing customers leading edge multi-server Internet architectures. Based in San Francisco where ServePath operates their own data center and manage thousands of servers for customers all over the world. They have been in business for six years, but before that ServePath founders ran a successful Internet access ISP that started back in 1995.

So ServePath is a nice group of people, who know how to provide powerful Internet hosting services to businesses that need reliability, customization and speed.

GoGrid is the next generation of Internet hosting services. Get powerful dedicated resources on a cloud computing architecture that you can buy as you need. Once you try the GoGrid cloud hosting you will never go back to the traditional way of deploying servers and building complex load balanced networks.

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