WHT Down - How is Your Website?

2009-03-22by Daniel Briere

Popular Web hosting-oriented community WebHostingTalk (aka WHT) has suffered a severe outage since yesterday, followed by the loss of all data posted since October 2008. Site administrators state they are working on restoring failed backups and hope to have things running smoothly again in the very near future.

For many years now, WHT has served as the "insider's hub" for the Web hosting industry. Like other popular forums, the site has lately found itself the victim of increasing "cyber attacks" including DDoS and direct hack attacks (apparently, vBulletin is not 100% secure!).

This begs the question: What are you doing to protect your site? It's a good time to think about implementing and continually testing a full backup solution for your Website. Downtime can mean devastating losses, and could even be fatal to your business.

Talk to your Web host about the solutions they offer for backups. And remember to always keep your own backup on your own premises, as well as someplace off-site, in addition to the backup your Web host creates! When it comes to your data, you can never be too safe.

What strategies do you currently employ for backups? What challenges have you faced? What is something everyone should know before creating a Website backup strategy? Feel free to share your tips and tricks for Website backups in the comments section.

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Daniel Briere

Daniel Briere


Daniel Briere is the President of iHostingX.com, a full-service cloud hosting and domain registration provider. He has worked in various capacities in the Web hosting industry since 2004. Daniel can be reached via email at ceo@ihostingx.com.

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