Web Hosting Plans - How to choose the right one and not regret it!


"My web site is my baby!" How many times have you heard this line?

If that is the case, it's a shame how many people send their babies to a day care center that is questionable just to save a little bit of cash and sacrifice the future and well-being of their child.

Think about it:
You need to know that your web site is taken care of in order to not worry about the uptime, the problems you may face when installing new software/programs and being informed in a timely manner should anything be going wrong.

I hear people ask me all of the time, what is the "cheapest web hosting service out there?" and my response is "How much faith do you have in your product? And how much do you care about your site?" Another question could be "Do you know what is involved and required to host a web site that will work best for you?" Silence often follows and the comment "I don't have too much extra money to spend.

If your web hosting service costs $19.99 instead of $4.95 then how can this be too much money if it enables you to make the profits you desire from the web page after getting it designed and promoted.

I can refer you to tons of free services but if you have a question or problem, then good luck getting it solved.

It is obvious that the least informed webmasters are the ones who are overly dedicated to saving money instead of prioritizing on service and support.

The question should be which plan is best for it's price while the price should be secondary. I myself offer reseller hosting and have found a plan that has amazed me beyond my expectations. It has shown me that server space is not really what we are paying for. It is the support and service combined with it.

I never knew how much was involved in hosting an asp database driven site with ssl. I have no clue what all this is about, but the support team did. And they provided the right service and gave me every bit of instruction and hands on support that was required to get my client's site transferred and up and running. I once was cheap but web hosting is really cheap no matter what when you consider the amount of products and services you sell when you are up, running, designed and all over the search engines for terms related to what you have to offer. Did you know that hosting your web site on questionable servers will hurt and hinder your search engine rankings? It's true. Now think again: Who do you want your web site to be hosted by? The best or the cheapest?

You can be cheap forever and wonder why other people make money when you don't. Spend some money and make a lot more. I still offer my cheapy plan to those who have very few requirements, but whoever expects his business to flourish online, should think ahead and consider the long term possibilities when choosing a plan to become the solid foundation of a skycraper in the making.

Hope I could help!

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