Smart Punctuation In Illustrator

2023-07-11by Rishu Agarwal

Adobe Illustrator is a very smart software and its tools and settings are the one that make it super easier for its learners to create designs. 

Before moving for any particular design in Adobe Illustrator, it is recommended to understand the master some of the important concepts. Smart punctuation is one of them.

Smart Punctuation

In Adobe Illustrator, smart punctuation is a feature that helps you achieve typographic

consistency and improve the appearance of your text. It automatically replaces straight

quotation marks and apostrophes with their curved counterparts, also known as 

"smart quotes." This feature enhances the overall aesthetic of your typography by

providing more visually appealing and professional-looking text.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the use of smart punctuation in Illustrator:

Straight quotes vs. smart quotes:

Straight quotes: "Hello, world."

Smart quotes: “Hello, world.”

Straight apostrophes vs. smart apostrophes:

Straight apostrophes: It's a great day.

Smart apostrophes: It’s a great day.

As you can see, smart punctuation automatically replaces the straight quotation 

marks and apostrophes with curved ones, resulting in a more polished and refined appeara

* It is most important part in forming a sentence or paragraph in illustrator.

* It fixes broken text inside the paragraph.* It firstly detect it and then tell perfect sign to be used.

* Ihere are several command used in illustrtor.

* They are used commely in paragraph and sntence forming.

* Smart punccutation contain sign like . , ; : ' " / 

* They are used to highlight things.

Author introduction: Hello, I'm Abhay and currently pursuing training from the graphic design institute in Delhi i.e ADMEC Multimedia.

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